Best-In-Breed LiDAR Stock for the AV Revolution

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With some of the breakthrough transit innovations happening today, including “forever batteries” and EVs, it’s easy to overlook another revolution that’s happening in front of us — the Autonomous Vehicle Revolution. And LiDAR stock could be the best play.

Yes, most folks on the road today are driving non-autonomous electric vehicles, so AVs are clearly behind in terms of adoption. However, the AV Revolution is still progressing nicely. We’re seeing this excel in the delivery of goods — Domino’s, 7-Eleven and Kroger all come to mind. And now the sector is expanding into the delivery of people. Although most AV programs are in beta testing, this shows we’re very near the inflection point of autonomous driving technology.

For AVs to really take off, however, the underlying technology must be extremely robust. The best minds in the space believe this involves a three-pronged approach — camera, LiDAR, and radar.

Since it’s a very complex and expensive technology, LiDAR stock is where the investment potential is. I believe one of the strongest plays for AVs lies with the leading LiDAR suppliers.

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