Breitbart Autopsy Leaves More Questions Than Answers

Conservative activist Andrew Breitbart was just 43 when he died last week. But the Breitbart autopsy has yeilded no immediate results as to the cause of death for the influential conservative activist.

Andrew Breitbart was the founder of an influential website named simply and was a lightning-rod of liberal criticism. Breitbart also had a hand in helping Matt Drudge compile and publish his news site. But all that was cut short when Andrew Breitbart died Thursday after collapsing on a sidewalk near his Los Angeles home.

Reuters reports that an autopsy was performed as “standard procedure.” The wire service goes on to report that, “Los Angeles County Coroner’s spokesman Craig Harvey said toxicology and microscopic tissue studies were ordered because of Breitbart’s death at the relatively young age of 43.”

But so far, there is no finding of substance. Officials even deferred a formal finding on the cause of  death until toxicology and lab tests are completed by the office performing the Breitbart autopsy. That will take four to six weeks.

“It’s standard procedure,” Harvey told Reuters regarding the Breitbart autopsy. “We have a very young man who died suddenly and unexpectedly, so we want to make sure we cover all the bases.”

Yet so far, the investigation hasn’t revealed anything. That has to make the ordeal even more difficult for his family and colleagues, who are still trying to grapple with the sudden loss and looking for answers.

Apparently, the Breitbart autopsy won’t have any of those answers for some time.

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