Revised H1B Visa Rules to Hit Computer Programmers

Lower-level computer programmers will be out of luck

New H1B visa rules will have a negative effect on computer programmers seeking to move to the U.S. from abroad.

H1B VisaThe new law is part of a broader move by the new administration that seeks to only offer work visas in the U.S. for highly-skilled people of a profession that is in need of workers of the highest caliber.

Many computer programmers who are outsourced in order to do work in the U.S. are lower-level computer programmers who get paid less than their American counterparts.

The government wants all low-level and mid-level workers to be American since there’s still more than 4.5% of the adult population that is unemployed. Foreign workers will have to prove that their ability is in demand by an employer here.

Not all companies are happy with these move as there are certain laws surrounding immigration policies that may be breached with this initiative. Companies could have the right to file a lawsuit because of this.

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