Setting the Record Straight on 5G Health Concerns

There’s no doubt about it, 5G technology is going to change the world. For example, 5G can give cable modem speed to everyone in the country. From rural farms to inner cities, everyone can have access to the advancements 5G has to offer — from self-driving cars to virtual reality (VR) to artificial intelligence (AI).

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However, with change comes fear of that change. And that’s the case with 5G right now. In fact, some conspiracy theorists are claiming that increased exposure to 5G radiation “lowers immune systems” and makes people more susceptible to the coronavirus.

Well, for one thing, the problem is not that something suddenly happened to everyone’s immune systems. The problem is that COVID-19 is caused by “SARS-CoV-2,” which was a novel coronavirus. Therefore, no one had the antibodies in their bloodstream to fight this virus. And no vaccine is yet available to produce these antibodies safely, as we do for the flu, hepatitis, mumps, chicken pox and a host of other viral diseases.

Nonetheless, this rumor has picked up steam recently, as some celebrities, like Woody Harrelson and John Cusack, and talk show hosts are pushing this theory on their social media pages. But the reality is these theories are unfounded. So, today, I’d like to set the record straight and explain why 5G won’t make you sick.

There’s no doubt that 5G is going to become more engrained into our everyday lives. And thanks to its incredibly fast speeds and ability to handle more data, it’ll kick all kinds of technological advances into high gear, creating great investment opportunities.

This all boils down to 5G’s usage of millimeter-wave technology.

The reality is 5G operates on a whole new part of the radio wave spectrum, millimeter waves (mmWave). They have a higher frequency than the old radio waves — so they’re fast and can carry a lot more data.

But as 5G ramps up the pace, so does the fear of radiation. You see, 5G radio wavelengths are radiation. And the millimeter waves are so small that they can go virtually anywhere.

So it’s no surprise that many pseudoscientists would have you believe that these new radio waves are extremely dangerous. And they’ve scared enough people that even some government officials want to look further into the health risks before launching 5G nationwide.

Given the newest unproven theories linking 5G and the coronavirus, some have taken to extreme measures and burned down several 5G cellular towers across Europe.

However, what those pseudoscientists fail to tell you is that there are two kinds of radiation — ionizing and non-ionizing — and there’s a very big difference between the two. Put simply, ionizing radiation is dangerous because its wavelengths are higher than ultraviolet light. It’s found it things like X-rays and gamma rays. This is the radiation that can cause tumors and cancer.

Non-ionizing radiation, on the other hand, can’t really hurt you unless there’s a significant heat factor.

5G doesn’t generate heat. You can see in the chart below exactly where 5G fits within that segment:

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While millimeter waves may be at a higher frequency than the traditional radio waves we use now,  they’re still far below visible light (as well as very far below any type of ionizing radiation, as illustrated in the chart above).

In addition, your skin already protects your internal organs from the much higher frequencies of sunlight, and will also act as a barrier for less intense radio waves, like the ones that transmit 5G wireless.

The bottom line: 5G cannot make you sick, let alone contribute to spreading the coronavirus. In the long run, I expect a lot of good to come out of it. Real science will always win out in the end, and that will be the case here, too. So, I encourage you to ignore the fear mongers and instead focus on the opportunities 5G has to offer — including on the investment side.

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