The AI Tool That Beat Out Top Wall Street Analysts


The AI Tool That Beat Out Top Wall Street Analysts

Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting a lot of attention in the news. Some good. Some not so good.

A lot of folks don’t know what to make of it, but here’s something you need to know: It can revolutionize the way you invest.

Consider this… the processing power of AI alone is far superior to the human brain when it comes to certain tasks.

Yes, our brains are incredibly complex, but when it comes to making sense of a lot of data… whether that data is in the form of historical stock prices, moves on a chess board, or baseball statistics… even a chess grandmaster like Garry Kasparov or a financial genius like Warren Buffett doesn’t have one-thousandth of the computational ability that an AI program does.

It’s not even a contest.

So, don’t try to compete with AI. Instead, use it as a tool to predict the stock market and give yourself the chance to become wealthy.

With this in mind, Keith Kaplan, CEO of InvestorPlace partner company Tradesmith, and his team of 36 data scientists, software engineers, and investment analysts set out to create a system that has strong predictive ability over the short term (around 30 days).

And they succeeded.

They call it: Project An-E.

In today’s Market 360, I’ll give an example of Project An-E at work, and then I’ll share how you can learn more about it.

Let’s take a look…

Project An-E in Action

In the chart below you can see Project An-E’s prediction of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) earlier this year…

As you can see in late December, Project An-E predicted a pretty sizable drop, around 10% or so. However, the folks on Wall Street felt otherwise.

Around the time Project An-E made its prediction, Johnson & Johnson made big news in the healthcare field. Specifically, it spent billions acquiring medical device makers like Abiomed and partnering with healthcare providers like HCA healthcare.

These moves were praised in the media.

For example, Seeking Alpha called Johnson & Johnson “Healthcare for the Win.” Fidelity called it “One of the Best Blue Chips to Buy for 2023.” And CNBC’s Jim Cramer was also singing the company’s praises. He felt that “the company has one of the best and fastest-growing pharma businesses.”

It makes sense why the media was so bullish on Johnson & Johnson. After all, it made a great, strategic acquisition that should grow its profits and trigger a spike in the stock price.

But the way stock prices move isn’t always so logical. There’s always more to the equation… more variables.

Here’s the reality: As humans, we can become blinded by a single piece of good news like a new acquisition, business deal, or earnings forecast. But Project An-E is a computer program. It doesn’t have those biases. It just looks at the data – and, more specifically, at things most folks would never consider.

So, Project An-E was thinking on a completely different level than the media when it was trying to predict the price of Johnson & Johnson stock.

So, here’s what happened to the stock price…

As you can see in the chart above, over the next two months Johnson & Johnson slid 10%… just as Project An-E had predicted. In fact, the company even had some massive layoffs.

Project An-E beat out some of the top analysts in the financial media essentially because it found connections and made correlations that are difficult for the human brain to see.

It’s those hidden connections that predicted Johnson & Johnson’s stock price.

Tuning Out the Noise

Through machine learning, Project An-E found out what they were and then made a more highly informed forecast than other human analysts.

With a unique algorithm, Project An-E was able to scan billions of data points and filter out the meaningless data from the meaningful.

In other words, it can throw out the “noise” that the mainstream media tend to focus on.

That’s why the mainstream media was wrong about Johnson & Johnson. They got caught up in “the noise” instead of focusing on the important data.

Johnson & Johnson is just one example. Project An-E has done this thousands of times, and the results have been stunningly accurate. This is something no human could ever do.

To learn more about Project An-E, watch the replay of the AI Predictive Power Event Keith and I held on Tuesday. We delve deeper into AI, how Keith and his team developed Project An-E… and how Project An-E can revolutionize your financial future.

Click here to watch the replay now.


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