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7 Tech Stocks to Buy Now for Extraordinary Gains

The current downturn presents an opportunity for investors to get their hands on many of the best stocks in the world on the cheap, reaping…

7 Nasdaq Stocks to Buy During a Stock Market Crash

Should a market meltdown occur again, these Nasdaq stocks to buy may outperform during the troubles due to their relevance.

Why Is Amazon (AMZN) Stock Trending Today?

Though Amazon once operated as an apex predator, AMZN stock now finds itself under pressure as the consumer

Buy the SoFi Stock Dip for 25X Gains in 10 Years

SoFi stock has been absolutely crushed this year. But with 25X upside potential, it remains among the best stocks to buy today.

How to Play ONEM Stock Ahead of a Potential Amazon Deal

Clearly, Amazon seeks to disrupt healthcare as we know it – and if a major merger gets approved, ONEM

7 Cheap Quantum Computing Stocks to Add to Your Must-Buy List

For risk-tolerant investors that can handle volatility, cheap quantum computing stocks offer plenty of long-term upside potential.

It’s Time to Bet Big on Automation

Grab automation stocks while they’re still dirt-cheap. As companies continue to implement robotics solutions, those stocks will soar.

Even in a Recession, Divergent Stocks Will Prosper

Divergent stocks have been the perfect recessionary medicine. During crashes, they tend to soar — while the rest of the market collapses.

3 Best Quantum Computing Stocks to Buy in October

Want to invest in a potentially lucrative opportunity? These three quantum computing stocks might be worth your time.

Don’t Hit “Eject” On Green Hydrogen

It’s been a rough month… in a rough quarter… in a rough year. And the speculation that this week’s Fed’s meeting will deliver another a…

Why Is FedEx (FDX) Stock Down 20% Today?

FedEx’s warning of a global recession sent FDX stock and others down, but central bank coordination could still send them up.

5 Best Stocks to Buy if You Have $100 to Spend

Looking for the best stocks for $100 or less? Focus on a mix of attributes, from dividend kings to speculative bets on the future.

Why Is SciSparc (SPRC) Stock Up 50% Today?

higher this morning as traders catch wind of SciSparc’s intent to acquire a top niche product seller on Amazon

7 Nasdaq Stocks to Buy on the Dip or You’ll Be Kicking Yourself Later

Investors should consider buying these Nasdaq stocks on the dip while they still can before the market reverses higher.

3 EV Stocks to Buy to Tap Into a Hidden Bull Market

Aggressive investors need to keep these three EV stocks to buy in mind, as secular demand for EVs continue to rise.

10 Small-Cap Stocks Under $10 to Sell Now

Today, I want to share 10 small-cap stocks that trade under $10 and have “F” ratings in my Portfolio Grader. This means that they’re sells…

5 Top Stocks Cathie Wood Is Buying Right Now

Cathie Wood’s ARKK is down over 50% YTD, although the fund manager is still continuing her purchases of high conviction companies.

The Ultimate Explosive “Sleeper” Tech of 2023

Wall Street isn’t really talking about eVTOLS. That means you can invest before everyone else – and make fortunes as flying cars take off.

7 Dow Stocks to Buy on the Dip or You’ll Be Kicking Yourself Later

This article takes a look at seven Dow stocks that may be down, but are likely to lead the way whenever the economy recovers

Grab Rivian Stock Before it Really Heats Up

With strong demand, mammoth partnerships, a robust balance sheet and production ramp, Rivian is an EV powerhouse. And Rivian stock will fly.

What Spotify Audiobooks Business Could Mean for SPOT Stock

Spotify Audiobooks launched on Tuesday, but despite the good news, SPOT stock hasn’t reacted. At least not yet. Here’s the breakdown.

5 Investors Betting Big on SOFI Stock Right Now

SOFI stock has witnessed massive losses since the beginning of the year, although firms like BlackRock and Vanguard are still betting on it.

Top EV Stocks to Dethrone Tesla as King of the Industry

Each of these EV stocks is like Tesla. But each have certain wide-appeal characteristics that could allow them to best the reigning titan.

UPS Stock Sinks Following FedEx Earnings Warning

United Parcel Service (UPS) stock is on the move Wednesday after rival FedEx (FDX) warned of poor earnings in its upcoming report.

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