History Repeating: This Lucrative Phenomenon Is Happening Again

Just a few common factors tie together some of the most lucrative investing opportunities in American history: being in the right place… at the right time… with cash in hand.

It sounds a bit simplistic, but considering that only 22 million Americans can be considered millionaires, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Location, more than any of those three factors, is the most important. And today, I’m going to show you where that next opportunity lies and how best to position yourself to build wealth from it.

Let’s stroll down Memory Lane to places in the U.S. where opportunities like this have presented themselves in the past…

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Clusters and Superclusters

I call this key wealth-building phenomenon the “Cluster Effect.” In a nutshell, the “Cluster Effect” is a term economists use to describe not just why booms happen but where they’ll happen.

And why, once they gain momentum… those booms can have an accelerated, even exponential, impact when it comes to building wealth.

It’s called a “cluster” event because, more often than not, those booms happen when a handful of related businesses gather in one location. Pretty soon, they start building a network between them. That network attracts expertise… which breeds innovation… which, in turn, attracts investors… which attracts more talent and breeds more innovation…

And pretty soon, you’ve got a mega-boom on your hands.

Each time these “clusters”… or in the best cases, “superclusters”… emerge, they can force huge technological changes… and even social changes.

That can spread across the entire American economy, even well beyond where those superclusters of innovation first originated. America’s “supercluster” booms have also created huge financial opportunities that spread far beyond their humble beginnings.

In the past, these American booms have minted an incredible number of local millionaires…. and quite a few billionaires. But they’ve ultimately expanded and created new paths to riches for other investors too. Including investors far from where the supercluster first began.

This “Cluster Effect” Has Sparked At Least Seven Mega-Booms in U.S. History

Long before Henry Ford kickstarted the automotive age in the 1900s, Detroit was little more than a French fur-trading post. After that, it was a tiny town surrounded by Michigan farmland.

But all that changed when the first Model T rolled off the assembly line…

The car caught on, and other car companies moved in to get a piece of the action.

Not only did Detroit eventually become America’s richest city, but it was also the car capital of the entire world.

Then Pittsburgh became the steel capital.

Down South, Houston struck oil, kicking off an energy supercluster.

See what I’m getting at?

With the “cluster effect,” opportunity spreads. For Houston, it paved the way for high-tech companies, engineering firms, healthcare, software, and financial firms… even NASA.

Meanwhile, up north, Boston has become a biotech supercluster… in the square miles surrounding Harvard and MIT, you’ll find over 1,000 biopharmaceutical firms that call the Boston area home.

Out west, you’ll find two superclusters in California – the Big Tech supercluster that comprises Silicon Valley. It’s home to at least 30 of the world’s biggest tech firms…  plus another 40,000 newer launches… and a staggering pile of wealth.

Silicon Valley didn’t just make fortunes for a few computer geeks. For better or worse, it also led to the transformative power of the iPhone… which unleashed Uber, Airbnb, and an app market worth $6.3 trillion worldwide.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, you’ll find the entertainment supercluster of Hollywood. We went from sputtering, black-and-white, silent movies… to “talkies”… to billion-dollar blockbusters… and multibillion-dollar movie franchises, some of which can span for 15 or 20 sequels that get distributed worldwide.

Every step of the way, Hollywood created widespread prosperity and enormous fortunes. For proof, simply stay in your seat sometime and watch the full credits scroll at the end of a movie. It’s staggering how many people get paid to make a two-hour piece of entertainment.

Then there’s the financial super cluster of Wall Street…

Yet it’s possibly the best example of the “cluster effect” you’ll ever come across. In the mere eight blocks surrounding Wall Street’s trading floor, you’ll find an incredible number of banks and brokers, financial advisory firms… even a branch of the Federal Reserve.

Thanks to Wall Street, millions of companies have money to grow, innovate, and rebuild. And millions of Americans have a place to park their retirement accounts.

Love it or hate it, the “Street” is now the gateway to capital for tens of thousands of American businesses and the bellwether for the world economy.

image of Wall Street

The Next Supercluster Could Be in Your Backyard

This “supercluster” phenomenon isn’t a fluke. It’s baked into the American economic cycle.

And a brand-new supercluster is taking shape.

Only this time, it’s happening in a place that will take a lot of folks by complete surprise. Especially our global elites.

I firmly believe this place you’re about to see – here in the American Heartland – is a potential “ground zero” for America’s next great economic renaissance.

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