Shhh! 25 Execs Who Out-Earned Their CEOs

CNNMoney ferrets out the 'Undercover Zillionaires'


fancy suit greed 630 150x150 Shhh! 25 Execs Who Out Earned Their CEOsStories of excessive CEO compensation continue to make headlines. For example, a study released in mid-December revealed that CEO pay is shooting skyward, jumping almost 37% in 2010. Another story on, just today, looks at how Viacom‘s (NASDAQ:VIAB) CEO made an astounding $84.5 million in just nine months, making him the highest-paid CEO in America. But while tales of over-the-top CEO pay pummel our news feeds, one group has been cashing their mega-checks with little fanfare. Well, until now.

CNNMoney found 25 “executives down the ladder who quietly out-earned their CEO bosses in 2010.” Here are the top five from its list of Undercover Zillionaires:

No. 1: Tim Cook, $59.1 million
Title: Formerly COO; now CEO
Company: Apple (NYSE:AAPL)
CEO: Steve Jobs
Pay difference: $59.1 million

No. 2: Blake R. Grossman, $33.7 million
Title: Former Vice Chairman
Company: BlackRock (NYSE:BLK)
CEO: Laurence D. Fink, $23.8 million
Pay difference: $9.8 million

No. 3: Stephen B. Burke, $31.3 million
Title: Formerly COO; now Executive VP, Comcast and CEO, NBCUniversal
Company: Comcast (NASDAQ:CMSCA)
CEO: Brian L. Roberts, $28.2 million
Pay difference: $3.1 million

No. 4:  Thomas M. Rutledge, $28.1 million
Title: Former COO
Company: Cablevision (NYSE:CVC)
CEO: James L. Dolan, $13.3 million
Pay difference: $14.8 million

No. 5:  Hamilton “Tony” James, $26.2 million
Title: President and COO
Company: Blackstone Group (NYSE:BX)
CEO: Stephen A. Schwarzman, $6.7 million
Pay difference: $19.4 million

Visit CNNMoney for more details about the plush pay packages of these executives, and to see the full list of 25 Undercover Zillionaires.

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