Ranking InvestorPlace’s 10 Best Stocks for 2012 Through Q2

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Ranking InvestorPlace’s 10 Best Stocks for 2012 Through Q2

No. 5: Turkcell

Turkcell185 Ranking InvestorPlaces 10 Best Stocks for 2012 Through Q2Q2 Return: Flat
YTD Return:
Investor: Charles Sizemore

Charles Sizemore, editor of the Sizemore Investment Letter, gained a spot since the first quarter as his Best Stock for 2012 — Turkish telecom company Turkcell (NYSE:TKC) — survived Q2 to remain solidly in the black.

The company’s Q4 report saw Turkcell’s earnings drop 33% due to a currency crisis in Belarus, where the company has significant assets. In Q1, however, Turkcell got back on track and enjoyed year-over-year revenue growth of 12.3% and profit growth of 56%.

The company also has been in the midst of an ongoing board of directors power struggle, missing its dividend payout and a special shareholder meeting scheduled for June. However, a settling of the dispute probably would result in a return to the dividend — which Charles believes could boost the stock and possibly give TKC the momentum needed to climb a little closer to the top of the list.

The drama has been a distraction for the company and has impaired its long-term planning, but Turkcell keeps chugging along.

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