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7 Things Future Generations Won’t Do

And what it could mean for lots of companies

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#4. Use a Landline

many_cell_phones_wireless_185_flickrNo matter what those kids use to connect, we can be sure of one thing: They won’t be using a landline to do it. That goes for both chatting on the phone and surfing the Web. Dialing up or even plugging in to get on Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is already becoming a thing of the past — heck, even public transportation often has wireless access now.

And landline phones simply aren’t necessary — and don’t offer all the features that mobile phones now do. In fact, Americans said in a recent poll that text messaging is the technology that has most affected their lives — solidifying our cell-phone craving.

The number of wireless devices is on the rise, and the number of cell phones in the U.S. actually exceeds our population nowadays. Plus, the average kid gets a cell phone after being in this world just over a decade — sometimes even before then — so the whole “Can Billy come over to play?” is simply done via text message.

Really, having a home number isn’t good for anything except getting calls from solicitors. My family disconnected ours years ago and haven’t missed it at all.

Future generations will indeed follow in our footsteps.

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