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Naughty or Nice: 5 Dividend Stocks You Can Feel Good About Owning

These big firms have benefited investors and the world alike

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PG&E Corp.

PG&E Corp. NYSE:PCGDividend Yield: 4%

Next on the list is electric utility PG&E Corp. (NYSE:PCG). One might not normally think of a producer of electricity as being particularly socially responsible, but PG&E generates more than half of its power from non-greenhouse-gas-emitting sources — 24% comes from nuclear, 16% comes from hydroelectric and another 16% comes from other renewables like wind and solar.

The company even generates a modest amount of power from bovine emissions. Yes, you read that correctly. They harness the methane put off by cow manure.

Even the company’s more mainstream sources are moderately green. Natural gas, which accounts for 20% of PG&E’s output, is certainly cleaner than coal or petroleum.

True enough, California’s strict green energy standards have a way of creating energy shortages in the state and driving up costs. There is something to be said for the “more is better” approach of my native Texas.

Nevertheless, PG&E has an energy portfolio that even a tie-dyed hippy from Sausalito could approve of.

PG&E pays a healthy 4% in dividends, so investors can enjoy a nice income stream while saving the environment.

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