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5 Stocks Mr. Burns Would Own

Outdated? Niche? Villainous? For Monty, they're 'exxxxxcellent'

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Montgomery Burns must be happy.

We once learned that The Simpsons‘ Mr. Burns was a proud shareholder in Transatlantic Zeppelin, Amalgamated Spats, U.S. Hay, Confederated Slave Holdings and that “up-and-coming” Baltimore Opera Hat Company.

Needless to say, it’s not unfathomable to think an increasingly irrelevant American Greetings (NYSE:AM) would also have a spot in Burns’ portfolio — and a $580 million buyout offer from its CEO, representing a roughly 20% premium, would rate nothing less than “exxxxxcellent.”

Of course, the stock market is full of outdated, exceedingly niche or just plain “villainous” real-world companies that likely would’ve landed on Burns’ radar. Here’s a quick look at five of them:

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