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5 Ways to Tell a Stock Is Headed Up

These bullish chart patterns never lie

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Triple-Bottom Chart Pattern

A triple-bottom illustrates a downtrend in the process of becoming an uptrend. This reversal pattern displays three distinct minor lows at approximately the same price level. Prices fall to a support level, rise, fall to that support level again, rise, and finally fall, returning to the support level for a third time before beginning an upward climb. In the classic triple-bottom, the upward movement in the price marks the beginning of an uptrend.

The three lows tend to be sharp. When prices hit the first low, sellers become scarce, believing prices have fallen too low. If a seller does agree to sell, buyers are quick to buy at a good price. Prices then bounce back up. The support level is established and the next two lows also are sharp and quick.

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