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5 Promising Ancillary Domestic Energy Plays

E&P firms are just one step in the energy process

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The advanced drilling revolution continues to transform North America’s energy landscape. Drilling techniques like hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have set off a modern day gold rush as exploration and production (E&P) firms fight for acreage in America’s various shale rock formations. This geology is the key for long-term profits and reaching our goal of energy independence.

However, the shale boom is looking a little thin.

No, it’s not going away time soon — it’s far too big — but it has begun to show signs of maturity, and some analysts predict that the trade has become crowded. Aside from M&A activity, it’s becoming difficult to move the needle in a significant way. Over the next few years, shareholders in such E&P firms such as Range Resources (NYSE:RRC) may not realize the outlandish capital gains they have become accustomed to.

Readers here at InvestorPlace know that it takes a lot of work, technology and money to get energy out of the well and into our gas tanks, and the E&P firms are just one step in the process. As the domestic energy boom matures, some ancillary players are going to become very attractive.

Here are some of the top picks in the services sector:

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