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Russia: Get Rich Without Rock-Hunting

There's more to find in the country than just meteor remnants

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Last week, while the 2012 DA14 meteor silently glided past the earth, a meteor crashed into Russia — the largest such object to hit the earth in more than a century. Upon impact, the 10,000-ton rock exploded and unleashed nearly 500 kilotons of energy. That’s roughly more than 30 times the energy of the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

Scientists have been able to recover smaller fragments of the stone, but larger ones remain elusive. That’s set off a “meteor rush” in the nation.

Of course, Russia has much more to offer than bits of a historic rock. Russia — the red-headed step child of the BRIC nations — has been a less-than-ideal growth story. The nation has seen its fortunes wax and wane with energy prices, while it’s hard to forget its history of corruption. However, the investment climate in the former-Soviet state continues to improve and foreign direct investment is growing.

All in all, Russia is simply too big and too rich to ignore.

For investors, there means there are plenty of opportunities to go hunting in the nation for your portfolios, even if the picks are far from out-of-this-world meteors. Take a look:

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