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5 ‘Disruptors’ Seeing Their Stock Go Parabolic

PCLN, TSLA among companies that are changing their industries

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information technology IT numbers fiber opticsBy now, we are all painfully familiar with the trend and tech buzzword of the day known as “disruption.”

In a nutshell, disruption refers to a company that comes in and revolutionizes a marketplace in such a way that even the entrenched players can’t help but feel the ground move under their feet.

Apple (AAPL) is always the ultimate case study. The iPod disrupted CDs and the entire music industry. The iPhone blew up both cellular phones as we knew them and challenged the relative “mobility” of laptops. Then the iPad took that mission one step farther.

The result was a company that exploded in popularity with consumers and investors alike, seeing its stock go from under $10 in 2002 to more than $700 a share in 2012.

Apple is old news, however, since the momentum has faded and investors are coming to grips with the company in its new and more modest form after the parabolic growth. But a few other innovative players still are disrupting markets, and their stocks are soaring ever higher. Here’s a look at five:

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