5 Dividend Stocks on Our Retirement Radar

These income-generating plays are sitting pretty for the long-term

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5 Dividend Stocks on Our Retirement Radar

retirement stream fishing 185 5 Dividend Stocks on Our Retirement RadarThe market landscape is plenty changed just a few months into 2013. The major indices have all advanced by double digits, the 10-year Treasury has ticked up from south of 2% to about 2.6% in short order, and a number of supposed stinkers — Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) and Best Buy (BBY), to name a couple — have made market pundits eat their hats.

What hasn’t changed is that dividend stocks are still in style, and that they’re still one of the best ways to build toward your retirement.

And short of a massive shift in the winds, they’ll stay that way.

To help you out in your hunt for stable, long-term investments, we’re taking a look at a number of dividend stocks that meet a few important criteria you’d want for the long haul. They’re long-standing dividend payers (in fact, a minimum of 10 consecutive years of increases, not just payouts), they yield more than today’s 2.6% T-Note, and they’re not trading at a terribly frothy valuation (P/Es are capped at 20).

Here are five that make the grade, listed by yield:

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