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3 Stocks for High Rollers Only

You need at least a grand to buy a single share in any one of these companies

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PCLN-SEB-GOOGUsually when we debate whether a stock is expensive or cheap, we’re referring to its valuation, or how much you’re paying per share for future earnings.

Of course, sometimes the actual nominal price of a stock can come into play.

Most companies keep shares at more manageable levels for retail investors by splitting the stock when the face price gets too rich. But other companies just don’t bother, the most famous example being the A class shares of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A), which go for $174,300 because Warren Buffett has never split the stock. The B class shares (BRK.B) — which are essentially the same for investing purposes — cost just $116.

High prices by face value help keep out day traders and bots alike. Punters can’t really swing a line on a $2,000 stock that does only a few hundred shares in volume every day.

But you do need to be a high roller to take any kind of sizable position in these stocks, since you can’t buy a single share for less than a grand.

Excluding Berkshire Hathaway, here are the only three U.S. stocks that go for at least $1,000 a pop:

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