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10 Best Stocks for 2014: Hot Expert Picks

Our annual contest for the best stocks (and ETFs) kicks off anew

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10 Best Stocks for 2014: Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF (VIG)

10-best-stocks-for-2014-vanguard-dividend-etf-vigInvestor: Brendan Conway

The next entry in our 10 Best Stocks for 2014 contest is the complete opposite of a pick like Tesla. Brendan Conway went with the Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF (VIG), figuring that the non-aggressive play will protect him from steep losses, and definitely come out ahead of any busted momentum stocks.

But the non-aggressive dividend ETF isn’t just betting on stodgy old companies, he explains. Instead, the fund is full of “growing firms which choose dividends as a means of rewarding shareholders, such as Abbott Laboratories (ABT) or Lowe’s (LOW).”

Of course, Conway is honest about the risks of this dividend ETF when it comes to a contest like the 1o Best Stocks for 2014. Settling for a middling result and stacking the odds against a steep loss are solid investing strategies … but might not cut it in a high-flying stock showdown.

Only time will tell if the old mantra of “offense wins games, defense wins championships” applies to the 10 Best Stocks for 2014 contest.

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