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5 Best Smartphones for the 2013 Holidays

One of these is definitely the best smartphone on the market

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Best Smartphones 2013 – HTC One

What is the best Android smartphone? There are three on our list to choose from (sounds like a lot, but after all, Android does make up over 80% of the Android market), and the HTC One is the first.

best-smartphones-2013-htc-one-featuresIn fact, it is the first of the trio to be released, hitting shelves in March. It is one of the best smartphones thanks to its power; the HTC One features a quad-core Qualcomm (QCOM) Snapdragon processor running at 1.7 GHz. Plus, it offers a full HD 4.7-inch display.

Being slightly smaller than other Android flagship phones means the HTC One has a higher pixel density (468 PPI) and is among the best smartphones available for people who want a big smartphone … but not overwhelmingly big.

Other features also used a unique HTC One camera that has only 4MP resolution but uses UltraPixels for improved low light performance. And if you’re shopping for someone who loves music, the HTC One is one of the best smartphones thanks to dual front facing speakers and Beats Audio.

Not only was the new smartphone among the fastest mobile devices tested, but its aluminum design earned it recognition as being one of the best smartphones 2013 had seen to date based on looks alone. Mind you, you’re going to have to go with Sprint (S) if you want the snazzy red version in the photo — that’s a Sprint smartphone exclusive.

The price of an HTC One unlocked is $599.99.

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