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Samsung Galaxy S4 – A Best-Seller With Option of Pure Android

Galaxy S4 includes a pure Android version via Google Play

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Samsung Galaxy S4 – The One to Beat

When Samsung released its new Galaxy S4, it quickly became clear that this was the flagship smartphone to beat. At the time of its May launch, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was even outselling the Apple iPhone 5 — an impressive feat.

samsung-galaxy-s4-review-featuresPowered by a fast, quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor with 2GB of RAM and sporting a huge 5-inch display at full HD resolution, the Galaxy S4 remains an impressive piece of hardware. Samsung also packed the device with innovative features including activity monitoring capability, advanced photo editing, sharing and organization options, support for gestures and eye-tracking, SAFE mode for enterprise security and even the ability to act as a remote for a TV.

The full list of Samsung Galaxy S4 features is huge. And if there’s one fault you’ll find in a typical Galaxy S4 review, it’s that Samsung may have tried to stuff too much functionality into this device.

Another issue that might bother some potential buyers is the polycarbonate plastic case. Other flagship smartphones like the HTC One and Apple iPhone 5s make use of aluminum that offers a more upscale appearance. Some people prefer the plastic, though; it’s one of those things you’ll just have to try out to see if it matters.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is also an expandability champ, offering a user-replaceable battery (so you can carry an extra battery for extended sessions away from power outlets) and it also has a microSD card slot so storage can be boosted using inexpensive microSD memory cards.

Plus, the Galaxy S4 is also now compatible with Galaxy Gear — Samsung’s take on the smartwatch.

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