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5 Dead Apple Products (and Why They Failed)

Headlines about the death of the Apple iPod are premature, but other Apple products have met that fate

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Between Apple (AAPL) earnings and a big-time anniversary, two interesting tidbits about Apple products have popped up over the past week or so.

apple-productsTo start, Apple celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh computer. Thirty years may as well be an eon in the PC industry. And while today’s Apple iMac may have virtually nothing in common with that first Macintosh, the current popularity of Apple computers is a notable achievement. PC competitors like Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) may be less excited about the milestone, mind you.

The second piece of notable Apple products news came from the opposite direction, though: The Huffington Post declared “The iPod Is Dead.”

There’s more than a little hyperbole there — iPod sales are clearly on the decline and holiday sales in 2013 dropped 52% year-over-year, but Apple did still sell 6 million iPods during the quarter. So the Apple iPod is hardly among the pool of dead Apple products.

Still, the writing may be on the wall as the iPhone and iPad cannibalize Apple iPod sales. And plenty of Apple products have gotten the axe before. Don’t believe that not everything Steve Jobs and company touched turned to gold, or lived to see a 30th birthday? Take a look at these five dead Apple products … and why they failed.

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