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5 Dead Apple Products (and Why They Failed)

Headlines about the death of the Apple iPod are premature, but other Apple products have met that fate

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Dead Apple Products – Apple QuickTake Camera

apple-productsWe all know the story of how digital cameras have gutted the photography industry, killing off film-makers like Kodak while leaving giants like Nikon (NINOYfighting for survival.

We also know about the cameras in smartphones like Samsung’s (SSNLF) Galaxy S4 Zoom or the Apple iPhone, which are threatening what’s left of the market for digital point-and-shoot cameras.

But did you know that Apple products were once at the forefront of the digital camera wave? The QuickTake camera, which was introduced in 1994, was one of the first consumer digital cameras. The company I worked for at the time adopted these for taking photos of properties that could be quickly uploaded to an appraisal. Built in partnership with Kodak, the first Apple QuickTake camera had 640 x 480 resolution, looked like a pair of binoculars and cost $749.

As film camera manufacturers ramped up production of increasingly cheaper digital cameras, the QuickTake went to the Apple products graveyard in 1997 after the release of three models.

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