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5 Dead Apple Products (and Why They Failed)

Headlines about the death of the Apple iPod are premature, but other Apple products have met that fate

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Dead Apple Products – The Apple Pippin

apple-productsThere’s plenty of buzz going around these days about the possibility of Apple turning the Apple TV set-top streaming box into the kind of casual low-cost gaming box that would give Nintendo (NTDOY) night terrors.

What most people don’t know is that it wouldn’t be the first time Apple products tiptoed into the game console business. In 1995, the company partnered with Bandai (NCBDF) to release the Apple Pippin, a video game console based on the Mac — and one of the least-known dead Apple products.

Going up against giants like the original Sony (SNE) Playstation and having no game developer support, the Pippin flopped. Steve Jobs officially killed the Apple Pippin on his return to Apple in 1997, although Bandai continued to support the devices (which could sometimes be found as entertainment consoles in hotels) through 2002.

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