Toyota Leads the Auto Stocks Sales Race

Toyota’s at the top among auto stocks, but GM and Volkswagen are making up the distance

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Volkswagen (VLKAY)

auto-stocks-VLKAY-stockGerman auto giant Volkswagen (VLKAY) isn’t idling by in the pits waiting for auto sotcks like Toyota and GM to make an error. The company is intent on passing GM for second place, and then it has its sights set on Toyota.

Volkswagen currently trails GM in total vehicle sales by approximately 200,000, selling 9.5 million vehicles in 2013. So one good year in its wheelhouse European market could make passing GM a very real possibility.

I suspect that if (and this is a big “if”) the European economy can stage a comeback this year, the German car maker could muscle its way further up the list of top auto stocks in 2014.

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