5 Huge CEO Pay Raises of 2013

Executive compensation continues to march higher across the board, and these head honchos were no exception

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5 Huge CEO Pay Raises of 2013

It’s no secret that the kings of business have watched their compensation explode in recent years, between mouth-watering CEO pay, sweet stock options and outrageous perks.

20132014YearEnd185 5 Huge CEO Pay Raises of 2013The median 2012 CEO pay package, for example, enjoyed a 16% year-over-year increase … even as the median household income showed no significant change. And that divergence is hardly new; CEO pay has grown 127 faster than worker pay over the last three decades.

All the data for executive compensation in 2013 hasn’t yet surfaced, since most filings are released a few months into the new year. But we already got a glimpses of this continuing trend, as a few head honchos were handed hefty pay raises throughout the year.

Take a look at five huge CEO pay raises of 2013.

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