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4 Stocks That Score With New Year’s Resolutions

Stocks catering to health-related resolutions stand to profit...and so should you

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Estimates show that people fall off the resolution wagon 38 days after New Year’s Day. We spend months and years learning and living with bad health habits then expect that a willpower miracle will happen at the stroke of midnight.

Many of us blame the period between Thanksgiving and a new year for feeling bloated and heavier than usual. The fact is, however, that most people gain less than one pound from all the holiday cheer. It’s the collective 35 pounds on average we gain between age 25 and 60 that fool us into thinking the turkey made us fat.

We eat too much, drink too much and don’t exercise enough; and 46 million Americans smoke cigarettes on top of all that. Puffers “quit” at least six times before they finally stop for good. Only about 4% to 6% can do so without medicines or a doctor’s help. Of course, while no studies have proven that e-cigs can help people stop smoking, people do use them in an effort to do so or at least to “smoke healthier.”

It’s no wonder the industries that cater to helping people follow through on health resolutions are rolling in dough.

Check out these stocks to buy: all are companies that appeal to consumers with health-related resolutions, and all involve that New Year’s Resolution:

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