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5 Ambitious Plans From AMZN: Which Will Work?

The e-commerce giant is stirring the pot, but will it drive AMZN stock higher?

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Amazon Gaming Console

Atari 2600It’s not actually been confirmed by Amazon yet, but it’s noticeably not been denied either — the digital content giant is rumored to be developing an Android-based video-gaming console that’ll sit right next to people’s television sets. It’s unlikely that Amazon will dethrone industry leaders Microsoft (MSFT) or Sony (SNE) on this front, makers of the Xbox and Playstation gaming consoles, respectively. For that reason, the premise has been met with some criticism. One of the biggest criticisms validly points out that most tablet-based games are touch-screen games, and won’t function as needed on a television. On the other hand, the point isn’t to dominate the gaming landscape. This is about Amazon taking some technologies that already exist (and some technologies it already owns) and repackaging them in a box that permanently sits in consumers’ living rooms. See, the gaming system will also play on-demand videos available via Amazon Instant Video, and will almost certainly include a shopping app that browses the site. Even if Amazon only sells a few million of these machines, the cost will be minimal, yet the positive impact for AMZN stock owners will be noticeable.

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