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Should I Buy an Android Smartphone? 3 Pros, 3 Cons

Android is the dominant mobile platform, but is it the right smartphone for you?

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Should I Buy an Android Smartphone? Cons: Fewer Accessories

Android-smartphone-best-smartphoneThe downside to this diversity in Android smartphones is Apple’s clear iPhone advantage when it comes to accessories.

It doesn’t matter what color of iPhone 5s you own, every iPhone 5s case will fit. In fact, every case from last year’s iPhone 5 will also fit. Any docked accessory that uses the Lightning port — from cables to speaker systems — is compatible not only with the iPhone 5s, but every other iOS device with a Lightning port.

This homogenous clump of iPhone owners makes it much lower risk for accessory manufacturers to churn out products for the iPhone.

The Galaxy S4, less so. Accessory manufacturers and retailers don’t know ahead of time how many Android fans will be going with the Galaxy S4 and how many will choose one of the hundreds of alternatives instead. So they tend to put out a few Android accessories and double-down on iPhone (the sure bet) to minimize their loses if they guessed wrong.

You can see this if you check a major electronics retailer like Best Buy (BBY). According to Best Buy’s website, it offers more than 1,300 iPhone-compatible cases, but only about 700 for Samsung (the top-selling Android smartphone manufacturer), 200 for HTC and 150 for Motorola. So when it comes to the best smartphone accessories, the iPhone has the advantage.

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