3 Covered Calls for a Cool Grand in Income

Start with these trades on MW, DIS and BRK.B

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Options are one of my favorite income-generating strategies, and I’ve found a lot of success in aiming for a controlled, specific target. Maybe it’s the easy math, and maybe it’s the allure of big, round numbers, but either way, I like using $1,000 as a benchmark for each set of trades.

handholdingmoney185This week I’m going to look at covered calls to generate income off of various stocks.

Covered calls can work for investors in a few ways. But for our purposes, if you hold a long position, and simply feel the stock isn’t going to move much in the near-term, you might consider selling covered calls to generate income off of some or all of the position.

Here’s a look at a few covered calls to consider:

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