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10 High-Tech Failed Products Before G+

GOOG failed to unseat Facebook with G+

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If there’s such a thing as “dead tech walking,” Google’s (GOOG) social media network and would-be Facebook (FB) killer G+ is it.

Failed Products, Google plus
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The loss of Vic Gundotra — an eight-year company veteran and the executive in charge of G+ — is sending signals that GOOG’s commitment to the platform is waning.

Google+ has been seen as a failed product not necessarily because it was awful on its own, but because it has failed to challenge Facebook in a real way.

Google assumed that it had the clout to launch its own social network and steamroll Facebook. After all, it has massive online reach thanks to Google Search domination, not to mention the ability to direct people to G+ through other popular services like Gmail and the hundreds of millions of smartphone and tablet users running its Android operating system.

With GOOG’s reach and the rise of social media stars like Facebook and Twitter (TWTR), it probably made sense to give it a shot rather than be left behind. But it didn’t work. Facebook remains a juggernaut while G+ is littered with inactive accounts, with its chief apparently abandoning ship and employees moving to other Google projects.

G+ is just one example of a tech flop that resulted from a company taking its momentum for granted and user base to roll out a product in a new category … only to see it stumble. We’ve put together a gallery of 10 other high-tech failed products that resulted from similar assumptions.

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