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10 Internet Scams to Watch Out For

The dark side of the web can cost you money ... or worse

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The Internet can be your friend. You can save money and have products automatically show up at your door. You can find out what your friends are doing in an instant. You can whip out your iPhone and use Google Maps to find the nearest restaurant, then check Yelp to see if it’s any good.

cheated internet scamsBut there’s a dark side to the Internet, too.

Scam artists, petty thieves and organized crime rings located all over the world have Internet access too. And thanks to the web, their potential pool of targets has expanded to billions of people. While some of these schemes are quite elaborate, they don’t have to be particularly clever in their attempts to separate people from their money because with such a huge pool of potential targets, there are bound to be a few suckers.

But you don’t need to fear the web — after all, it gives us so many great things. Just keep aware don’t let yourself become a victim of a scammer sitting in a basement 3,000 miles away.

There are hundreds of illicit schemes being tracked at any given time (not even cars are immune), but there are some classics that just don’t go away. Here are 10 Internet scams to watch out for.

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