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Surprise! 4 Tech Stocks Becoming Medical Tech Names

The definition of healthcare stocks is getting a little fuzzier every day as technology progresses

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Earlier this week, Google (GOOG) and Novartis (NVS) unveiled a new, relatively amazing product. The duo is co-developing a so-called smart lens, which is a contact lens that also monitors blood-sugar levels for diabetics. The lens contains a micro sensor as well as a tiny antenna to transmit the glucose data to a nearby recording device, resulting in more medical tech that blurs/blends the lines that used to divide healthcare stocks and tech stocks.

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The impending smart lens from Novartis and Google is hardly the first medical tech to do so, however. Plenty of other companies — large and small — have combined traditional healthcare approaches with modern technology to come up with medical tech products that couldn’t have even been imagined a few years ago.

Here’s a closer look at some of the other medical technologies that have made tech stocks and healthcare stocks strange bedfellows.

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