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3 Tech Stocks For Retirement Investors

For retirement investors, tech stocks offer dividends AND growth

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For anyone in or approaching retirement, stability and safety are two of the most important attributes for investments. There simply isn’t enough time to bet on high-flying momentum or growth stocks for a majority of your portfolio. After all, if things get dicey, you won’t have enough time to make up the losses.

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And no sector has a reputation of being higher-growth and higher-risk than tech stocks. Therefore, the sector is often ignored by retirement investors. However, those older investors shouldn’t overlook the traditionally hyper-volatile sector.

While social media and consumer gadget firms like GoPro (GPRO) have taking the headlines by storm, the truth is that the technology sector has matured into a steady and dividend-paying machine. Since the tech bubble burst, the vast majority of tech stocks have gained financial discipline and continue to churn out steady profits.

They also churn out steady dividends, as well. Over the last ten years, tech stocks have led the market in terms of dividend growth by roughly 25% a year. And they still have more room to improve those dividends.

Given that now dividend-oriented nature of tech stocks, retirement investors should consider them for their portfolios. But how exactly should retirement investors go about adding tech stocks to a portfolio? Let’s look at a few ways to do it: a stock, an exchange-traded fund (ETF) and a mutual fund to get you started.

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