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Stocks Scratch a Win on Retail Sales

Retailers and energy led the markets today on what was generally a positive day on Wall Street. Read Article

Stocks Lose Early Gains as Greece, Earnings Weigh

The Russell 2000 hit an intraday high, but otherwise Monday was a gloomy day as investors cautiously await the brunt of Q1 earnings season. Read Article

U.S. Stocks Are Teasing a Breakout as Earnings Loom

This week continued more churn in U.S. stocks. But next week's earnings slate could be the catalyst that pulls the market back into breakout mode. Read Article

5 Cheap Europe ETFs to Ride the Rally

European stocks continue to outshine American stocks for the foreseeable future. Here are 5 Europe ETFs to buy. Read Article

S&P 500 Drifts Higher Amid Big Day in M&A

The S&P 500 ended fractionally higher Thursday on a day that saw an Intel (INTC)-Altera (ALTR) deal fizzle, but also saw a possible tie-up emerge between Mylan (MYL) and Perrigo (PRGO). Read Article

Stocks Volatile Q1 Earnings Kicks Off

Retail stocks led the way today as the markets ended the day on a positive note. Alcoa Inc. kicked off the quarterly earnings season by reporting mixed results. Read Article

Here’s Why Managers Matter More Than Funds

The same benefits that accrue to index fund investors, such as low operating costs and low turnover, can be found at funds run by human managers -- you just have to look for them. Read Article

How to Help Your Teens Save for Retirement

How can we get a teenager to save for retirement? You probably can't. So, my advice is to help them. Read Article

Can Stocks Finally Break Out?

The narrative that weakened the stock market last week flipped on Monday, sending stocks higher on the day. Read Article

GDDY IPO: Another Example of Volatility, Risk

I don't recommend buying IPOs because there's too much volatility early on, and unless you can get a sweet deal on these offerings, you're probably going to get hosed. Read Article

Stock Market Bulls Finally Make a Stand

Wednesday's ADP payroll report suggested U.S. job growth is slowing, which could push a Fed rate hike down the road and aid the stock market. Read Article

Double Whammy Lifts Stocks on News-Rich Monday

Stimulus chatter from China as well as dovish remarks from Janet Yellen helped spur the major indices, while INTC and TSLA were among notable stocks moving on their own news. Read Article

Best International Opportunity for the Second Quarter: Spain

Spanish stocks are cheap, and the Spanish economy is turning the corner. Now is the time to consider eurozone investments. Read Article

Mid-Cap Stocks: You’re Better Off in the Middle

Mid-cap stocks tend to get little love from Wall Street media, even though they provide better return for no extra risk. Their loss. Read Article

Can Technical Support Hold the S&P 500?

The S&P 500 and other major indices finished in the red for a fourth straight day Thursday, though crude oil prices jumped amid escalating tensions in Yemen. Read Article

S&P 500, Nasdaq Take a Licking as Economic Doubts Grow

Biotechs, semiconductors and financials among the worst-hit stocks in Wednesday's economic data-driven selloff. Read Article

Durable Goods Slump Is Bad for Workers, But Stocks Aren’t Doomed

Durable goods are in a prolonged slump, which contributes to the widespread misconception that the U.S. is still in recession. Read Article

Ocwen Financial (OCN): What Happens When a Stock Delists?

Ocwen Financial Corporation (OCN) will be delisted if it doesn't get its house in order. But what does a delisting actually mean for shareholders? Read Article

Forget the Fed: 6 Reasons to Hold on to Your Bond Funds

Just because bond yields are low doesn't mean that they have to rise. Six reasons why high-quality bonds remain a safe investment. Read Article

Stocks Inch Lower as Bulls Prepare a Breakout

Monday was a day for commodities, as oil, gold and silver all closed out higher. The hot spot for stocks? Shanghai. Read Article