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The REAL Market Fun Starts Friday

Stocks slip Thursday ahead of a slew of economic data releases, and the fun will continue next Wednesday when the Fed makes its all-important statement. Read Article

Why You Should Care About Wednesday’s Bond-Rattling

Weakness in bonds can benefit stocks, sure ... but that's assuming we're in a normal economic cycle. And we're not. Read Article

These Brand-New ETFs Are Already a Big Hit

WBI Investments' 10 new ETFs just pulled in more than $1 billion in assets within days. Should you throw your money at WBI Shares, too? Read Article

Watch Out, Stocks! The Bears Are Coming!

Signs in daily trading patterns, as well as shakiness in the junk bond market, portend a possible aggressive move from the bears. Read Article

Is There Any Reason to Buy American Funds?

American Funds is one of the largest mutual fund companies in the world. But are its funds among the best in quality and performance? Read Article

Fixed Income – What to Do When Interest Rates Rise

When interest rates rise, bonds will become more attractive ... but a number of other fixed-income investments could be at risk. Here's how various income-producing investments could fare in a higher-interest-rate environment. Read Article

A Stock Implodes and You’re Long. What Next?

Conn's recently imploded, leaving me in the painful position of having to recover from big stock losses. How should you handle such a situation? Read Article

Top 5 Reasons to Sell Mutual Funds

If you haven't sold any mutual funds in your portfolio in a long time, you may be missing something. Here are five reasons to sell a fund. Read Article

7 Shareholder Perks That Sweeten the Pot for Investors

Shareholder perks offer a little something extra to those folks who've taken on extra risk of owning a stake in the company. Here are some of the best. Read Article

Don’t Ignore Mutual Fund Asset Bloat

There's such a thing as too much money, and it happens in mutual funds. Find out how to protect against so-called "asset bloat." Read Article

How to Compete With Brokers for Information

Gordon Gekko teaches us that Wall Street is rigged and retail investors need to access the best investment information to play the game. Read Article

Don’t Ignore Gross Expense Ratio

What is the difference between gross expense ratio and net expense ratio? Which one should you analyze and why does it matter? Read Article

How to Prepare Your Portfolio for a Bear Market

When you're expecting a bear market, don't just jump from stocks to cash. There's a better way to prepare portfolio. Read Article

The 2 Biggest Lies of Buybacks

S&P 500 companies have spent $211 billion in 2014 buying back stock. But here's why buybacks aren't always as good as they seem. Read Article

How to Use Social Media to Support Your Advisory Business

Social media is becoming increasingly tethered with the financial world. Charles Sizemore discusses how Vestorly can help financial pros. Read Article

New Money Market Rules – What’s ‘Safe’ Now?

The SEC shakes up the money market world in hopes of avoiding another 2008-esque crisis. Here's what you should know. Read Article

Lessons From the Past – Walmart Dividend Letter From 1985

What an old Walmart shareholder letter can teach us about the benefits of avoiding short-term noise and focusing on long-term investing. Read Article

Asset Allocation – How ‘Spreading the Love’ Will Save Your Portfolio

Asset allocation is one of the most important tools in the risk management toolbelt. Learn the basics of this strategy, and how it can help your portfolio. Read Article

Why You Should Ignore Mutual Funds’ Five-Year Returns Right Now

If you think analyzing five-year returns is a good way to find a fund right now, think again. These mutual funds show that certain time periods can be deceiving. Read Article

Gold and Silver Investing: How to Add Metals to Your Portfolio

Protect your assets by investing in gold and silver. Here are 4 different ways you can add them to your portfolio. Read Article