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Durable Goods Slump Is Bad for Workers, But Stocks Aren’t Doomed

Durable goods are in a prolonged slump, which contributes to the widespread misconception that the U.S. is still in recession. Read Article

Ocwen Financial (OCN): What Happens When a Stock Delists?

Ocwen Financial Corporation (OCN) will be delisted if it doesn't get its house in order. But what does a delisting actually mean for shareholders? Read Article

Forget the Fed: 6 Reasons to Hold on to Your Bond Funds

Just because bond yields are low doesn't mean that they have to rise. Six reasons why high-quality bonds remain a safe investment. Read Article

Stocks Inch Lower as Bulls Prepare a Breakout

Monday was a day for commodities, as oil, gold and silver all closed out higher. The hot spot for stocks? Shanghai. Read Article

Stocks Mixed as the Fed Bounce Fades

Stocks drifted lower on Thursday as traders rehashed Wednesday's Federal Reserve policy statement amid speculation of a September rate hike. Read Article

Financial Advice – 5 Spring Cleaning Money Tips

Financial advice isn't normally something many people seek out, so take a look at key money issues this spring and refine your plans. Read Article

Stocks Surge as Fed Blink on Rates

The Federal Reserve moved its 'dot plot' estimates south, surprising Wall Street and leading to strong gains on Wednesday. The question now: Will the gains stick? Read Article

Stocks Mixed as Wall Street Awaits the Fed

It's been almost a decade since the price of money actually increased; but in as little as three months, it could start rising again. Read Article

Monday’s Stock Market Game: Bad News Is Good News

Poor economic news sent the broader markets higher Monday, and lower crude prices failed to hamper energy stocks Read Article

FOMC: Why You Should Just Shut Down Your Trading Console

The stock market is a game of probabilities, and when the getting is good, we act. When it's not, we wait. Let the FOMC meeting pass. Read Article

Dow Jones, S&P 500 Bounce Despite Soft Economic Data

Lower-than-expected retail sales weren't enough to keep down stocks Thursday, though Intel Corporation (INTC) took a hefty spill. Read Article

Stocks Dribble Lower as Fed Fears Grow

Growing fears that an eventual interest-rate hike is on the way continued swinging the market pendulum in the other direction on Wednesday. Read Article

Strong Dollar, Interest-Rate Fears Crush Wall Street

The U.S. dollar is strengthening to levels seen in two previous recessions, and job openings data point to increased likelihood of a June interest-rate hike. Watch out below! Read Article

Stocks Rebound Monday (With Little Thanks to Apple Watch)

The Apple Watch failed to impress as AAPL only inched higher during an otherwise thinly traded day for the broader markets. Read Article

3 Momentum Large Caps to Avoid

It's great to ride a stock when momentum carries it to new highs. But it's also great to get out before the balloon pops. These three stocks look too inflated for their own good. Read Article

Are Stocks About to Slip Into Weakness?

Stocks look increasingly threatened as an important technical indicator is combining with severely overbought conditions and "dumb money" bullishness. Read Article

Biotech, Blue-Chip Tech Buckle as Nasdaq Cedes 5K

Microsoft (MSFT), Micron (MU) and biotechs (IBB) took a slide in Tuesday trading. Investors should continue to exercise caution at these highs. Read Article

Nasdaq Nabs 5,000 in Return to Dot-Com Highs

The Nasdaq pushed above 5K on Monday despite poor a poor earnings season and tech negativity at a five-year high. How much longer can sentiment lift stocks? Read Article

Stocks Calm Amid Deflation, Profit Threats

It's almost forbidden to say this out loud with sentiment so bubbly, but things are looking recession-y on several measures. Read Article

Stocks Mixed on Crude Schizophrenia

Mergers and acquisitions and corporate action resulted in some excitement in select stocks, but it was largely a quiet day as Janet Yellen's remarks failed to move the markets. Read Article