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Hello, Volatility! Goodbye, Stock Gains!

Tuesday morning rally dissolves as crude oil once again turns Wall Street into a horde of pessimists. Read Article

The Trouble With ‘Stocks Always Go Up’

Stocks always rise over time, right? Well, not exactly. The U.S. stock market has evolved a lot since its beginnings. Read Article

Oil Finds More Bottom, Stocks Swoon

Another major dip in oil prices sent most of the stock market packing Monday, though new opportunities are arising in precious metals. Read Article

Tumbling Oil Prices Will Thump Fourth-Quarter Earnings

Oil prices dropped 40% in the last quarter, and the damage done to energy sector earnings is offsetting the benefits for other sectors. Read Article

FOMC, Oil Rebound Shake the Bulls Awake

Despite the bounce in stocks, bonds, credit and currencies were not singing the same tune, and instead continued to warn of deeper woes. Read Article

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your 2015 Finances

With these five resolutions under your belt, you’ve got a battle plan that will make you wealthier and money-wiser in 2015. Read Article

New Year’s Slump Deepens to Worst Since 2009

Equities face their worst losing streak in more than a year as oil prices continued to plunge Tuesday. Now in question: high-yield bonds and even the global economy. Read Article

3 Reasons Why Mutual Funds Aren’t Dead Meat

Mutual funds aren't exciting or sexy, but that's exactly why they're here to stay. Here are three big reasons mutual funds aren't dead meat. Read Article

Down, Down, Down Goes the Dow

Sagging oil prices and concerns over a Greek eurozone exit weighed heavily on stocks Monday, sending the Dow Jones more than 300 points. Read Article

5 Market Worries to Deal With in 2015

Five days into the new year, and investors already have a laundry list of potential woes to fret about. Here's a look at what should be on your radar. Read Article

Energy Stocks: 3 Things You MUST Know Before Buying in 2015

We all know the saying "buy low, sell high" and with the fall in energy stocks, now you can follow this rule. But, investors shouldn’t just jump into the energy sector without first finding the right companies. Below you will find a few tips on how to find the right energy stocks and how to play them once you do. Read Article

Mea Culpa: What We Got Wrong in 2014

Get out the cabbage and the rotten apples and get ready to chuck 'em our way as we look at some of InvestorPlace's worst calls of 2014. Read Article

The Experts: What to Expect From Stocks in 2015

Will the S&P 500 rip off double-digit gains? Will interest rates rebound? Our experts talk about what they expect to see in 2015. Read Article

Dow Posts Rare Drop as Oil Weighs

Geopolitical concerns and the continued fall of oil prices were enough to weigh down the Dow on Monday. Read Article

Should You Buy the Dogs of the Dow in 2015?

The Dogs of the Dow: You just buy the 10 highest-yielding Dow Jones stocks and sit on 'em. It's an easy method, but is it a good one? Read Article

Dow Crosses 18,000 for First Time on GDP Surge

The market has been surging so far this week, but things could start to get difficult as early as Friday. Read Article

5 Reasons the Santa Claus Rally Won’t Last

The market has enjoyed a reprieve from selling pressure, but the Santa Claus rally won't stick around for very long. Read Article

Should You Buy a Buyback ETF?

State Street is launching a new buyback ETF, just when it's getting harder for buybacks to give stocks the boost investors expect Read Article

7 Market Risks That Could Shock Stocks in 2015

If you’re worried that the other shoe is about to drop, or if you’re just an investor looking to hedge your bets against the biggest stock market risks of 2015, take a look at this list of potential problems that could serve as an anchor on the stock market in the new year. Read Article

S&P 500 Loses 2000 as Crude Reversal Fails to Hold

With no bottom in sight for oil, stocks slipped Monday, sending the S&P 500 below psychological support at 2000. Is relief on the way? Read Article