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Don’t Count on Dividend ETFs to Play Defense

You should always have equity income in your portfolio, but don't think dividend ETFs will save you from a correction. They won't. Read Article

I Need a Financial Advisor … Right?

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3 Ways to Hedge Your Portfolio in an Unsure Market

Worried that the market can't possibly keep up this rally forever? Options, short selling and ETFs can all help you protect against some of your long positions. Read Article

Investing for Beginners – What You Should Read

From how-tos to fictions, beginner investors can round out their education with these books and news sources. Read Article

Stock Liquidity – Friend or Foe?

Investors and market pundits alike love to sing the praises of stock liquidity. But what if I told you that the ability to trade so quickly is holding you back? Read Article

Share Repurchases: The Scary, Unintended Consequences

Share repurchases are hitting record levels, but this reckless capital allocation has unintended consequences. Here are three scary examples. Read Article

How Did Everyone Get Bond Yields So Wrong?

Only time will tell, but just because bond yields are low today doesn’t mean a move higher and a steep decline in bond prices will come tomorrow. Read Article

Momentum Stocks or Value Investing? Try Both.

Many investors would consider momentum stocks and value investing at odds, but they're not mutually exclusive. In fact, you can do well by mixing the two. Read Article

2 Downtrodden Stocks to Buy Today

If you can find a stock that throws off a generous, secure cash payout, and you can grab that investment at an attractive discount to its recent highs, you've got an odds-on winner. Read Article

3 High-Yielders That Make MLPs a Snap

I’m a big fan of the high yields that master limited partnerships offer -- but not the headache that their K-1 forms cause at tax time. Here are 3 ways to make investing in MLPs a breeze. Read Article

What Is a Stock Split?

If you've heard about the Apple (AAPL) 7-for-1 stock split and want the quick 'n' dirty explanation of a stock split, look no further. Read Article

6 Steps To Financial Success Outlined in 1 Brilliant Pyramid

You've probably heard of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Financial blogger Mister Squirrel has devised a retirement pyramid for financial success. Take a look here Read Article

5 Steps to Help Avoid the “Toy Trap”

The toy trap: we all have friends who’ve fallen in, and we want to make sure we avoid that fate. Here are 5 steps to avoid the trouble Read Article

2 Hedging Strategies You Need to Protect Your Portfolio

A few recent down days may have traders spooked, but what about the bull market of the past five years? Learn how to protect your gains with a hedging strategy. Read Article

The 7 Dumbest Last-Minute Tax Mistakes People Make

By now, most of us have filed our taxes and called it a day. But what's amazing is how many people make these 7 mistakes when they file. Try to avoid them! Read Article

The Heyday of HFT Is in the Rear-View

High-frequency trading won't disappear tomorrow, but the spotlight is a place of weakness for HFT. Read Article

Here is What’s Worse Than Being at Risk

The 'holy grail' of portfolio investing is diversification, but many investors don't know if they are in fact diversified. Here are ways to find out Read Article

How to Manage Your Money In Your 20s, 30s, and 40s

Your 2os are the critical decade for your financial future, but steps along the way in your 30's and 40's help, too. Here are some tips for each decade Read Article

Make This Your Handy Guide to Stock Orders

Prudent portfolio management includes understanding how to hedge your bets; here's a guide to stock order tools that can help you manage risk Read Article

The 6 Most Common Ways People Commit Financial Suicide

Sometimes we learn more from our mistakes than our successes. Mary Hunt, founder of Debt-Proof Living, details what not to do with your money Read Article