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Find the best stocks to buy nowFinding the right stock to buy is one of the most difficult parts of investing.
At Investorplace, our experts help expedite that process by providing reliable information that will assist you in choosing what stocks to invest in. Whether the ultimate goal is to find steady income or earn a quick buck, our staff provides advice to help you find a strong dividend stock, a penny stock with potential, or, plain and simple, a good stock to buy.

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What McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) Bought With Its Earnings

McDonald's (MCD) CEO Steve Easterbrook bought time for his strategic refranchising plan, delivering earnings in line with analyst estimates. Read Article

The 3 Best Female-Led Stocks to Buy Now

CEOs Debra Cafaro, Tricia Griffith and Debra Crew demonstrate why their leadership makes their companies three of the best stocks to buy now. Read Article

Facebook Inc (FB) Stock Was Never ‘Out of Favor’

Credit Suisse described Facebook as "out of favor," but FB stock has consistently performed well. And it will continue to do so. Read Article

Microsoft Corporation Shares Soar To the Clouds On Earnings Beat (MSFT)

Microsoft released its latest earnings after closing bell Thursday, and its blowout numbers surprised analysts and delighted investors Read Article

3 Reasons Alphabet Inc (GOOG) Stock Is Hitting Record Highs … Again

Not to sound philosophical, but there are a few a reasons Alphabet (GOOG, GOOGL) consistently stands head and shoulders above most other companies. Read Article

Royal Dutch Shell plc (RDS.A) Stock Is an Absolute Steal Right Now

This major energy producer is well below its buy price, making it an absolute steal considering its dividend and financial health. Read Article

5 Energy Stocks to Watch for Gains (BHI, FANG, APLP, CNNX, CRK)

The 5 energy stock companies that are likely to beat our third quarter earnings estimates. Investors should consider these stocks to buy Read Article

T-Mobile US Inc (TMUS) Stock Is Telecom’s Best-Kept Secret

T-Mobile stock is the only real "winner" among wireless carriers, but a closer look at T-Mobile US Inc (TMUS) makes it clear why this is so. Read Article

Is It Time to Buy Energy Stocks Again?

Lately a bunch of folks have asked me this question: Is now the time to buy energy stocks? Let's take a look... Read Article

4 Retail Stocks to Buy on Bull Run (AMZN, BBY, BURL, MELI)

The reporting period is undoubtedly considered the ideal time to rebalance a portfolio. Look to these 4 retail stocks to buy as a start Read Article

You Should’ve Bought PayPal Holdings Inc (PYPL) Stock Yesterday!

PayPal (PYPL) stock is up 8% Friday morning after reporting earnings. The growth path is solid and the numbers were fine. What's not to like? Read Article

Why Earnings Season Could Be Great for Apple Inc. (AAPL)

Apple has earnings coming up pretty soon and events are shaping up quite nicely for its report. Here's why AAPL stock may soar Read Article

Time to Try Seagate Technology PLC Stock for Value (STX)

We have identified a strong candidate which may be an impressive value. Find out why Seagate Technology (STX) is turning investors' heads Read Article

13 Oil Gas & Consumable Fuels Stocks to Buy Now

The grades of 13 Oil Gas & Consumable Fuels stocks are on the rise this week on Portfolio Grader. Each of these stocks is rated an "A" ("strong buy") or "B" overall ("buy"). Read Article

3 Household Durables Stocks to Buy Now

This week, 3 Household Durables stocks are improving their overall rating on Portfolio Grader. Each of these rates an "A" ("strong buy") or "B" overall ("buy"). Read Article

5 Chemicals Stocks to Buy Now

This week, 5 Chemicals stocks are improving their overall ratings on Portfolio Grader. Each of these stocks is rated an "A" ("strong buy") or "B" overall ("buy"). Read Article

5 Stocks With Superb Earnings Revisions — SNOW AKER RPT BBRY VNDA

This week, these five stocks have the best ratings in Earnings Revisions, one of the eight Fundamental Categories on Portfolio Grader. Read Article

Buy Twitter Stock Under $16, Sell Over $19, Then Repeat

Buy Twitter stock on a dip after negative news like earnings, sell on a pop after buyout rumors for a 20% gain. Then repeat until rich! Read Article

Turn A Rate Hike Into A Gain With Bank of America Corp Stock (BAC)

The Federal Reserve has been teasing the market with an interest rate hike. Look to Bank of America to perform in the face of that hike. Read Article

Weibo Corp (ADR) (WB) Stock Is Headed for the Big Leagues

It's time to pay attention to Weibo stock. WB is starting to gain momentum as it surpasses Twitter in terms of growth. Read Article