FCC Says No to Netflix CEO’s Call for Expanded Net Neutrality Rules

Netflix's request to have net neutrality rules expanded were denied by the FCC. NFLX stock is up over 2% in early afternoon trading Tuesday. Read More

Bitcoin News: IRS Rules It Will Tax Bitcoin as Property

The Internal Revenue Service , ruled on Tuesday, that bitcoin and other virtual currencies will be taxed as property, much like how stock are. Read More

Sell-off Reaches Panic Proportions

Significant technical damage has been done with very high volume and strong negative breadth. Read More

Unusual Bearish Pattern Signals ATI Is an Immediate ‘Sell’

Allegheny Technologies' (ATI) chart shows a megaphone top has formed. Read More

3D Systems Set to Print Another Round of Profits

Buy 3D Systems (DDD) under $70 with a trading target of $80-plus. Read More

CEO Mike Jeffries Replaced as Abercrombie & Fitch Chairman

Mike Jeffries will no longer be Abercrombie & Fitch's chairman, though he will remain CEO. Read More

Attention Hardcore Gamers! One of Rarest NES Games Ever Hits Ebay

Many gamers are drooling over a rare, old NES game that showed up on eBay. Nintendo World Championships has over 18 bids so far. Read More

What?? Amazon Patents ‘Anticipatory Shipping’

Amazon has filed a patent for a new delivery system called 'anticipatory shipping' that will pre-ship packages before they are ordered. Read More

Sean Combs, Diageo Team Up to Buy DeLeón Tequilia

Sean Combs --a.k.a. P. Diddy-- and Diageo are teaming up to buy DeLeón Tequilia, which can sell for as much as $1,000 a bottle. Read More

Trade of the Day: Deckers Outdoor (DECK)

To play a move up in DECK stock, we are getting in just before the breakout, so there is some possibility that prices will continue to trend a little flat in the near term. Read More

Apple Gets a Boost From CHL…But Not Enough to Buy APPL

Apple's agreement to sell iPhone 5's through China Mobile is a huge deal, but it might not be enough to make me a buyer right now. Here's why... Read More

Trade of the Day: Groupon (GRPN)

Short-term (or "spot month") covered calls are a great way to conservatively play bullish names that are set for a quick spike. Read More

Yahoo Buys Natural Language Recognition Startup SkyPhrase

Yahoo purchased natural language recognition startup SkyPhrase to enhance its fantasy sports and other products. Read More

Used Car Prices Are Falling, May Fall Lower

The reason the prices of used cars are dropping have to do in part with a rebounding economy that has helped boost new car sales this year. Read More

Local Impact Powers Aravaipa Venture Capital Fund

Investing in Rocky Mountain-based companies has helped Boulder-based the Aravaipa Venture Fund stay close to its investments, paying off for investors Read More

Apple Just Quietly Destroyed Microsoft’s Future

What happens when MSFT can't get a dime from Windows sales? I think we're about to find out -- and it won't be pretty for shareholders. Read More

Shutdown & the Q3 Earnings Season – Earnings Preview

What can you expect this week as earnings season kicks off? Here are the major reports and news you need to watch. Read More

The 9 Best Airlines In America

Sure, you take fares and frequent flier miles into account when booking a flight. But if you want to know how American carriers really stack up, look right here Read More

Chick-Fil-A’s Free Breakfast Week Starts Sept. 9

Chick-Fil-A and its annual breakfast promotion is returning on Sept. 9, allowing its customers to get one of 10 items for free. Read More

Company Insists ‘Thumbells’ for Texting Fitness Are No Joke

O2 has announced plans to release the 'thumbell'--a thumb-strengthening dumbbell created to reduce thumb pain from texting. Read More