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Mutual Funds and ETF InvestingWhat better way to expand your portfolio than diversifying your assets and investing in a mutual fund or exchange traded fund (ETF)?

Mutual funds and ETFs are a compilation of investments in different companies and sectors, providing diversification and stability in a single investment. By entering the market through a fund, your investment offers stable growth with minimal risk. These investments are perfect for the passive investor or a long term investor who wants low risk yields that are diversified in all sectors. Our advisors give advice on both types of funds to help ensure you choose the funds that are right for you.

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Bill Gross & Janus Get A Very Large Vote of Confidence

This past year for bond king Bill Gross has certainty been an interesting ride to say the least. Bill_Gross_Leaves_Pimco_for_Janus_Capital.jpgThe year's crazy events at Pacific Investment Management (Pimco) included everything from numerous weird interviews and commentaries as well as an SEC investigation into several key personnel changes, including one Pimco fund manager leaving to start a food truck. Capping off that tumultuous and crazy year, Gross himself left for smaller rival Janus Capital Group, Inc. (JNS) amid a very publicized divorce with the firm he founded. All of these issues have now left investors questioning whether or not the "Bond King" has the muster to really be effective in managing a portfolio. His offering at Janus has taken in some inflows, but is nowhere as huge as his former flagship $200 billion Pimco Total Return Fund (PTTRX). Well, Bill Gross has received a huge vote of confidence from one billionaire investor: George Soros. With that in mind, regular retail investors may still want to consider Gross a leader for their portfolios.

Soros’ Bets Big

Bill Gross and Janus’ vote of confidence came in the form of a huge investment -- namely a half a billion dollars from billionaire George Soros. According to a press release from Janus and a tweet from Gross, Soros Fund Management LLC -- through its Quantum Partners LP hedge fund -- will invest $500 million in a separate account run by the bond king. Soros and his fund group apparently approached Gross within days of his announcement of leaving PIMCO to make an investment with JNS and the fund manager. According to sources, Soros Fund Management's CIO Scott Bessent met with Gross and called him a legend in the investment management world. The separate managed account will follow a global unconstrained approach to bond investing. Basically, Gross will have carte blanche to invest in any bond, from any country in the world as he sees fit -- from long term U.S. treasuries to emerging market high yield debt. Making such a large bet shouldn’t be taking lightly. Whether or not, you agree or disagree with his politics, Soros’ does know his way around the investment universe. Aside from famously “breaking the Bank of England” -- in which he reportedly made a $1 billion in one day -- his Soros Fund Management has been one of the most profitable firms in the hedge fund industry. When people talk about hedge funds, they're usually talking about outsized returns. Soros has been on the right side of the trade more often than not, making him one of the few to consistently achieve those returns: Since its founding in 1969, the fund has produced an average 20% annual return. So, when someone like that makes a bet this big on a particular fund manager ... well, it's worth paying attention to. Next Page Read Article