ETF Investing

Exchange-traded funds, like mutual funds, aren’t always appreciated… but ETFs can be the strongest investments in your portfolio. ETFs are essentially baskets of stocks, in which you buy yourself exposure to a number of sectors, industries and trends. These can be traditional in nature, with steady dividend payments, or more aggressive, with exposure to hot trends like marijuana. Either way, our analysts have covered it here.

There Just Might Be a Better Buy Than Nio Stock

Through May of 2021, Nio’s delivered 33,873 electric vehicles. That’s 225% higher than 2020. Does that make Nio stock a best buy? 

7 Best Equal-Weight ETFs To Buy In June

Financial planners highlight the benefits of ETFs track an equal-weighted index. Here are seven of the leading ETFs to consider in June.

4 Best Defensive ETFs to Protect Your Portfolio

For investors who don't feel confident picking individual stocks, ETFs can be a great way to get exposure to a basket of well-known stocks while balancing risk. With stock markets remaining choppy and many assets such as cryptocurrencies moving in extremely volatile ways, investors may want to consider using ETFs to take defensive positions with their portfolio.

The InvestorPlace Q&A: Embrace Investing in Momentum With the ProShares QQQA ETF

Investors should consider the QQQA exchange-traded fund in order to diversify their portfolio with a solid investing philosophy.

3 Cheap Ways to Profit From the Gold Boom

Gold prices and gold stocks are surging amid rising inflation expectations.. Here are three related ETFs to add to your portfolio.

7 Defensive ETFs to Protect Yourself From the Tech Sell-Off

Tech stocks are in a funk as we enter the summer months. Here are seven ETFs to buy to protect yourself should the sell-off continue. 

7 Best Tech Index Funds for the Long-Haul Despite the Current Selloff

The tech sector has been under pressure, but these seven index funds offer exposure to a range of tech shares and could become the building blocks of a successful growth portfolio.

Global X SuperDividend REIT Is the Best ETF for Income and Growth

While REITs offer some great exchange-traded funds, the best ETF in this space is SRET, with a 5%-plus yield even after expenses and a diverse base.

7 ETFs To Buy if You Want To Try To Outperform Cathie Wood

Here're seven ETFs that could help investors take take advantage of strong trends

Ark Investment Management Offers Paradise … for Gamblers Only

Avoid the ARKK ETF as Ark Investment Management focuses on over-hyped growth stocks without intensive research and focus on profitability.

The 5 Best Cryptocurrency ETFs On the Market Right Now

Cryptocurrency ETFs provide you with protection against risk and volatility of the inherent volatility of individual cryptocurrencies.

7 Health-Focused ETFs To Buy Now For the Post-Covid Future

The healthcare sector outperformed in the past year due to the pandemic. Here are seven ETFs for your portfolio to look beyond Covid-19.

7 Great ETFs to Buy to Ride Out Rough Seas

ETFs offer better tax efficiency, greater transparency and lower risk, offering an advantage over traditional stocks that carry more risk.

ARK Innovation ETF Was Never Supposed to Be a Quick-Profit Buy

Cathie Wood buys disruptive companies for her ARK Innovation fund and investors profit from them. But some of those disrupters are overvalued in the short term.

ARKX: ARK Space Exploration & Innovation Is Another Bet on Cathie Wood

There are no pure plays in space. ARKX initial holdings include navigation stocks, defense contractors, big tech winners and some outliers like Netflix and Deere. This is a bet on Cathie Wood and her team.

8 Great Index Funds for Indecisive Investors

So, what are some of the best index funds out there? These eight, some tracking a large index, others targeting a specific investing criteria, are some of the best low-cost options out there.

Why Sector Funds May Have Dimmed the Lights on Plug Power Stock

PLUG stock might tempt some investors looking for a discount but there’s also a possibility more volatility could be on the way.

The 7 Best-Performing ETFs Money Can Buy In 2021

Here're seven of the most popular ETFs so far in 2021

7 Great Index Funds for No-Stress Investing

Index funds offer greater diversification and lower fees. Amid an explosion of options, these seven funds are among the cheapest and simplest choices.

5 5G ETFs to Bet on the Next Big Tech Revolution

5G ETFs offer flexibility, tax benefits and risk management. Hence, they offer a safer way to invest in this growth-oriented space.