ETF Investing

Exchange-traded funds, like mutual funds, aren’t always appreciated… but ETFs can be the strongest investments in your portfolio. ETFs are essentially baskets of stocks, in which you buy yourself exposure to a number of sectors, industries and trends. These can be traditional in nature, with steady dividend payments, or more aggressive, with exposure to hot trends like marijuana. Either way, our analysts have covered it here.

7 Inexpensive, High-Dividend ETFs to Buy

These high dividend ETFs come with income and low fees. Here's what income seeking investors need to know about each ETF.

7 Fintech ETFs to Buy Now for Fabulous Financial Exposure

When you buy a fintech ETF, you'll be embracing stocks at the forefront of emerging technologies like blockchain and trends such as the gig economy.

The MJ ETF Solves Some of the Problems of Pot Stocks — But Not All of Them

Long-term investors should buy into an ETF like the MJ ETF only if they are comfortable with the fundamental drivers behind all pot stocks.

7 Vanguard Funds for Conservative Investors

These Vanguard funds check a lot of boxes for income-starved, risk-averse investors looking for action in a volatile market.

5 of the Best Utility ETFs to Invest in Now

Utility ETFs are some of the best ETFs to buy in tough times. Here are five that stand out from the crowd, while retaining the sector's general sense of safety.

5 Silver ETFs That Will Keep Shining

Silver ETFs are on fire and these five funds are among the best that focus on that theme. Here's what investors need to know about each ETF.

5 Clean Energy ETFs to Buy for 2019

Alternative energy is booming and these clean energy ETFs to buy offer ideal ways to tap into that theme. Here's what investors need to know.

7 Transportation ETFs That Are Ready to Rally

Transportation ETFs aren't all the same ... investors should look under the hood before embracing these products.

6 Big Growth ETFs to Buy For the Second Half of 2019

Growth stocks have been hit hard in August, but this pain is temporary, and these growth ETFs look ready to rally into the end of the year.

7 SPDR ETFs and What They Tell Us About the Market

Two weeks ago these SPDR ETFs told me that the rally was over. This is what they are telling me now. There are reasons to be bearish.

7 Biotech ETFs That Should Remain Healthy

The healthcare sector has been the worst performing on the S&P 500 in 2019, but these biotech ETFs are still worth a look.

5 Dependable Dividend ETFs to Invest In

With the U.S. remaining one of the dominant forces in global dividend growth and interest rates here declining, investors can mix and match both dividend growth and high dividend ETFs in the current market environment. Here are some of the dividend ETFs that are primed to deliver for investors over the rest of 2019 and beyond.

The 10 Best Index Funds to Buy and Hold

The 10 best index funds are a mix of buy-and-hold ETFs that will serve you for decades, as well as a couple tactical trading tools.

7 Scorching Software ETFs

Software is going gangbusters right now, and these software ETFs can help you get access to the growth without needing to pick the exact winners.

3 Different Ways for Newcomers to Buy S&P 500 Stocks

Launched all the way back on March 4, 1957, the S&P 500’s largest company by market capitalization [share price multiplied by number of shares outstanding] is Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) at $1.07 trillion, the smallest is Quanta Services (NYSE:PWR) at $5.07 billion, and the median stock is $22.07 billion.  

Another Marijuana ETF, Cambria Cannabis, Joins the Party

TOKE, like other new marijuana ETFs, is actively managed. The relatively low fees charged by TOKE could help it succeed.

Another New Marijuana ETF Takes an Active Approach to Cannabis Investing

CNBS has multiple advantages over other marijuana ETFs, including its focus on small and micro marijuana stocks.

7 Bad ETFs That Just Aren’t Worth the Trouble This Year

With the performance of the market this year, the bad ETFs that are slumping this year really stand out. Here are 7 funds to stay away from.

7 Great Sector ETFs to Buy for the Short or Long Term

Sector ETFs are useful for both short-term traders looking to capitalize on events or long-term investors after stability from a longer trend.

What You Need to Know Before Jumping into the MJ ETF Market

The MJ ETF may provide diversified exposure to cannabis stocks for long-term investors who can stomach short-term volatility