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ETF Investing

5 Mining ETFs to Dig Into

Some mining ETFs offer long-term potential while others are just short-term trades. Here are five to consider. Read Article

Wall Street’s Got A New Marijuana ETF Neighbor To Stoke Pot Investing

For investors who've not yet been involved in a marijuana ETF, YOLO could be worth considering over the near term. Read Article

3 Healthcare ETFs to Sell Amid Political Headwinds

While the rest of the market continues upward, the healthcare sector -- and healthcare ETFs -- continue to struggle. Read Article

Most Investors Can Do a Lot Better Than Buying the EEM ETF

EEM flipped that script by providing exposure to a slew of fast-growing developing economies under the umbrella of a single, passively managed ETF that, by the standards of 2003 when EEM debuted, was attractively priced. Read Article

5 High-Growth Funds to Buy for Outperformance

As of April 12, the S&P 500 Growth Index is up 17.50% year-to-date, an advantage of 200 basis points over the S&P 500 Value Index. Read Article

7 Small-Cap Growth ETFs For Adventurous Investors

Over the long term, small-cap ETFs generally overperform their large-cap counterparts -- if you can take volatility in the mean time. Read Article

7 Video Game ETFs That Will Make You a Winner

There are not many dedicated video game ETFs, but these funds, directly and indirectly, fit that bill and will lead to solid gains. Read Article

6 Big Growth ETFs for Long-Term Investors

These six big growth ETFs give long-term investors robust exposure to the stock market's most powerful long-term growth tailwinds. Read Article

S&P 500 Sector SPDR Preview: What to Watch This Week

Certain price levels in the S&P 500 sector SPDRs are more important than others, and an awareness of this can lead to profitable trading. Read Article

5 Europe ETFs to Consider As Talks of Brexit Continue

Brexit is dragging on, but some Europe ETFs are thriving. Here are five to consider now if you're looking to invest in Europe. Read Article

BOTZ ETF Very Well May Be Your Best Artificial Intelligence Play

If you are interested in robotics and artificial intelligence stocks, you may consider adding the BOTZ EFT in you portfolio Read Article

5 of the Best Funds for Downside Protection

Adding to the case for considering some of the best funds for downside protection are numerous factors, including flareups in the US/China spat, the Federal Reserve potentially reversing course and deciding to raise interest rates multiple times this year and the specter of markets pricing in concerns regarding the 2020 presidential candidates. Read Article

Is It Time to Buy the SPY?

SPY is the go-to ETF for professional investors looking for cost-efficient, easy, liquid exposure to U.S. stocks. Read Article

3 Simple Reasons You Need to Start Buying VNQ ETF

The VNQ gives you an investment in 188 stocks or funds involved in real estate. Diversified across many different segments of the real estate industry, it's top ten holdings -- 41% of VNQ -- are a who’s who of the best owners of real estate in the country. Read Article

7 Real Estate ETFs to Make a Property Push

Investors now have a broader array of real estate ETFs to consider, allowing you to get tactical while accessing prominent themes. Read Article

5 Solar ETFs to Consider for Sunny Gains

Solar ETFs are relatively new, but the group rises and falls in unison with crude. Considring the environment in energy, it's time to buy! Read Article

7 Funds to Buy If This Bull Market Continues

If you think the bull market will continue you, these 7 ETFs are set up to profit from the markets' move up. Read Article

5 High-Yield ETFs to Buy for Massive Income Potential

High-yield ETFs tempt with income but could offer capital appreciation if interest rates decline. Here are five to pay attention to. Read Article

Why Alerian MLP Is the High-Yield ETF Everyone Should Own Now

AMLP's holdings help drive its massive, 8% dividend yield, which makes Alerian one of the best ETFs for income investors to consider. Read Article

7 Energy ETFs That Could Be Running Out of Fuel

Energy ETFs have had a great 2019 so far. However, a number of headwinds are hitting the industry now, making these energy funds vulnerable. Read Article