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Now it’s flashing STRONG BUY again...

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ETF Investing

Exchange-traded funds, like mutual funds, aren’t always appreciated… but ETFs can be the strongest investments in your portfolio. ETFs are essentially baskets of stocks, in which you buy yourself exposure to a number of sectors, industries and trends. These can be traditional in nature, with steady dividend payments, or more aggressive, with exposure to hot trends like marijuana. Either way, our analysts have covered it here.

Best ETFs for 2020: A Hard CLOU Fall

The CLOU ETF is not designed for traders, but for investors following the length and breadth of the cloud application trend.

3 Healthcare ETFs to Buy for Health and Safety

Not all healthcare ETFs are the same and as this group of three proves, that can be a positive for savvy investors.

EFIV ETF Arrives in Time to Join ESG Party

Despite its fresh on the scene status, the EFIV ETF has the potential to be one this year's more well-timed ETF launches. Less than two months on the market and the fund already has $26.65 million in assets under management. Moreover, the new ETF debuted as advisors and investors poured into ESG funds.

7 Best of the Best Fidelity Funds to Buy

These Fidelity funds are some of the best from the issuer's expansive lineup. Here's what investors should know about each.

7 ETFs to Buy for Their Inclusion of Profitable Coronavirus Stocks

These ETFs include some of the hottest coronavirus stocks that are likely to reach new highs in the coming quarters.

ProShares Online Retail ETF: Buy Dozens of Online Leaders With a Single Ticker

The "retailpocalypse," as it's come to be known, is in full gear. The past several years has seen the landscape littered with the graves of...

JETS ETF Still Fine for Investors That Can Handle Turbulence

The JETS ETF is drawing a big crowd of investors this year and they could be handsomely rewarded if a Covid-19 vaccine comes to life.

Bet on Wild Swings in the Market With the SPXL ETF

SPXL stock is not for the faint of heart. But if you think the market will keep going up, here's how you can make a big bet with big momentum.

7 Index Funds to Buy for a Buffett-Inspired Retirement Portfolio

Warren Buffett believes investors should own low-cost index funds. Here are seven ideas for a portfolio that is broader than the S&P 500.

8 Great Vanguard Funds to Buy in September

Investors may be chasing up individual stocks right now, but these diverse Vanguard funds are a great way to form your portfolio.

The InvestorPlace Q&A: How Investors Can Benefit From Disruption in Retail Stocks

Retail stocks have been plauged by bankruptcies in brick-and-mortar stores, while ecommerce is thriving. Here's how ProShares CLIX ETF makes sense today.

The 5 Best Tech ETFs to Buy for Safer Growth

Here are five tech ETFs to buy if you believe that global technology stocks will continue to enjoy their solid runs in the coming quarters.

7 Index Funds To Buy For A Firm Portfolio Foundation

Here are seven index funds that would make firm foundations for any long-term portfolio, especially new investors looking to diversify.

How to Get a Perfectly Diversified Portfolio with Two Funds

Do you want to perfectly diversify your portfolio with just two exchange-traded funds? If so, start by picking from some of these best funds.

The 7 Best ETFs for a Truly Diversified Portfolio 

When looking for the best ETFs to buy, diversification is important when selecting the appropriate choices for your investment portfolio.    

3 Biotech Stock ETFs to Buy For Further Upside In 2021

Biotech stocks are winners this year, but there's still room to buy in for profit taking. ETFs such as IBB, XBI and XLV will continue to win.

4 Asian ETFs to Safely Play Reopening Trends

As Asia recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic, Asian ETFs are interesting, especially ETFs that give exposure to high-growth stocks.

7 of the Smartest ETFs to Buy Right Now

These ETFs to buy offer solid income, growth and outperformance over broader indices like the S&P 500. What more could you want?

Can ProShares’ Ex-Energy ETF Outsmart the S&P?

Simeon Hyman, ProShares' Global Investment Strategist, talks with InvestorPlace about his company's ex-sector ETFs, including the SPXE ETF.

7 Biotech ETFs to Buy Now For Covid-19 And Beyond

Biotech ETFs are popular and delivering for investors, but not all of these funds need the Covid-19 pandemic to soar.