ETF Investing

Exchange-traded funds, like mutual funds, aren’t always appreciated… but ETFs can be the strongest investments in your portfolio. ETFs are essentially baskets of stocks, in which you buy yourself exposure to a number of sectors, industries and trends. These can be traditional in nature, with steady dividend payments, or more aggressive, with exposure to hot trends like marijuana. Either way, our analysts have covered it here.

7 ETFs With Oodles of Diversification

Portfolio diversification has its advantages. It can help investors reduce risk and correlations, gain exposure to an increased number of asset classes, market capitalization segments and regions and mitigate exposure to company-specific risks.

5 Nasdaq ETFs for Tantalizing Tech Investments — Besides the QQQ

When it comes to Nasdaq ETFs, the QQQ is the first that springs to mind, but here are a few other choices for great tech investments.

4 Best Marijuana ETFs for Conservative Portfolios

Investing in marijuana is speculative, but, with these marijuana ETFs you can get in on the cannabis investing game and reduce risk.

5 Automobile ETFs That Could Rev Up

As their focus widens away from traditional cars and toward the future of transportation, these auto ETFs become interesting plays.

9 Set-It-And-Forget-It ETFs to Simplify Your Portfolio

Sometimes you may need or want a portfolio that can earn you money without a lot of babysitting. Here are 9 ETFs to help you do just that.

10 Best ETFs for 2019: The Race for #1 Intensifies

Some of the best ETFs on the market today might surprise you, while others are much less shocking. Here are ten ETFs to keep an eye on.

7 of the Best Schwab ETFs for Low Fees

While the number of Schwab ETFs is small, it is easy to understand why the company is one of the industry's more impressive growth stories: many Schwab ETFs are inexpensive.

The New Cannabis ETF Is the Market’s Cheapest Marijuana Fund

For investors looking for a safer way than individual stock picking to invest in marijuana, the Cannabis ETF is a brand new, cheap pot play.

3 ETFs to Buy That Make Perfect Graduation Gifts

These three ETFs perfectly balance growth, diversification and low fees, making them ideal ETFs to buy for recent graduates.

If You Like Gold Stocks Now, Don’t Sweat the Pessimistic Headlines

Gold stocks and GLD just hit a wall, but don't write them off. Anything can still happen because speculators remain in control..

7 of the Best SPDR ETFs — Besides SPY and GLD

SPDR ETFs span an array of asset classes, including stocks, bond, commodities and real estate, among others. Here are 7 of the best ETFs to buy from SPDR.

Best ETFs for 2019: iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETF Will Level Up

The iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (IEMG) still has a shot at being among the best ETFs to buy this year as long as these two things happen.

5 Cheap ETFs That Aren’t Actually a Good Value

The number of cheap ETFs is on the rise, but not all of these low-fee funds are a good value. Here are 5 cheap funds to avoid.

Best ETFs For 2019: The iShares U.S. Healthcare Providers ETF Can Recover

iShares U.S. Healthcare Providers ETF (IHF) may not win the best ETFs contest, but it is poised to deliver some upside in the second half of 2019.

Best ETFs for 2019: SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) Is Shining Brighter

The GLD ETF crushed the S&P 500 in Q2. Will the trend continue in the second half of 2019 and lead GLD to the Best ETFs title?

Best ETFs for 2019: iShares MSCI Mexico ETF Is Still a Great Play

With political risk declining and the economy set to pick up steam in Mexico, EWW stock might be the best way to play this emerging market.

Best ETFs for 2019: Pacer Data & Infrastructure Real Estate ETF Can Win

Even if it doesn't come out on top at the end, the Pacer Benchmark Data & Infrastructure Real Estate ETF (SRVR) will still be one of the best ETFs of 2019.

Best ETFs for 2019: The Global X Robotics and AI ETF Is Just OK Right Now

Some of the macro issues, such as the U.S.-China trade war, have taken a toll on the BOTZ ETF so far. But it hasn't been a complete flop in 2019.

Best ETFs for 2019: Water Widens Its Lead From Drip To Flow

Invesco Powershares Water Resources ETF is one of the best ETFs so far this year. PHO holdings stand to benefit from $1T infra spend.

The 7 Best ETFs to Own for a 5G Boom

For investors, 5G could be a massive tailwind, propelling 5G stocks and the related opportunities, including 5G's best ETFs.