ETF Investing

Exchange-traded funds, like mutual funds, aren’t always appreciated… but ETFs can be the strongest investments in your portfolio. ETFs are essentially baskets of stocks, in which you buy yourself exposure to a number of sectors, industries and trends. These can be traditional in nature, with steady dividend payments, or more aggressive, with exposure to hot trends like marijuana. Either way, our analysts have covered it here.

Best ETFs for 2020: Former Champion Invesco QQQ Trust Returns

Many experts expect 2020 to be another strong year for stocks. If that ends up being true, then the QQQ ETF will undoubtedly be among the best ETFs for the year.

Best ETFs for 2020: The U.S. Global Jets ETF (JETS) Is Ready to Soar

Airline stocks have been left out of the market rally, but that should change in 2020, making JETS one of the best ETFs to consider now.

3 Different Ways for Newcomers to Buy S&P 500 Stocks

Launched all the way back on March 4, 1957, the S&P 500’s largest company by market capitalization [share price multiplied by number of shares outstanding] is Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) at $1.07 trillion, the smallest is Quanta Services (NYSE:PWR) at $5.07 billion, and the median stock is $22.07 billion.  

Best ETFs for 2020: The AdvisorShares Vice ETF Is a Long-Term Winner

The ACT ETF has long-term durability with concentrated exposure to select companies related to alcohol, cannabis and tobacco.

Best ETFs for 2020: Bet on Newly Public Companies With IPO ETF

Next year the market should see some interesting IPOs. My pick for the best ETFs contest is a play on that, and IPO stocks in general.

Best ETFs for 2020: Global X Cloud Computing Fund (CLOU) Will Be King

The CLOU exchange-traded fund will be one of the best ETFs for 2020, as cloud computing continues to grow in relevance.

Best ETFs for 2020: The Alternative Harvest ETF (MJ) Will Light Up

The Alternative Harvest ETF (MJ) has a shot at being one of the best ETFs next year, as its holdings should bounce off their all-time lows.

Best ETFs for 2020: iShares Russell 2000 Growth ETF (IWO) Is the Best Bet

The stock market should post more dazzling gains in 2020. However, a change in market leadership will make small-cap ETFs like IWO among the best ETFs to buy for the New Year.

7 of the Best ETFs for Downside Protection

Fortunately, that objective is easily met with an array of exchange traded funds (ETFs). In fact, ETFs are arguably the best instruments with which to bolster downside protection or profit from swooning equities because the fund structure eliminates the time constraints associated options strategies and the need to identify the right stocks to sell short

5 Cheap ETFs That Aren’t Actually a Good Value

The number of cheap ETFs is on the rise, but not all of these low-fee funds are a good value. Here are 5 cheap funds to avoid.

5 ETFs for Oodles of Monthly Dividends

Dividend ETFs can provide plenty of needed monthly income in retirement. Here are five that can do the trick for investors.

The 10 Best Index Funds to Buy and Hold

The 10 best index funds are a mix of buy-and-hold ETFs that will serve you for decades, as well as a couple tactical trading tools.

7 ETFS That May Not Make It Through 2020

Forecasting the next funds to hit the ETF graveyard can be tricky as the decision to hit the “off” switch lies with the issuer, but a combination of low assets and weak volume usually is widely viewed as a tell that a fund may not be long for the world.

7 Retail ETFs That Can’t Wait for the Holidays

The 2019 holiday shopping season should rake in some big profits for select retailers. It will also make these retail ETFS good buys.

3 Junk Bond ETFs to Ditch Right Now

Speaking of junk bond ETFs, these funds are usually solid avenues for investors looking to tap high-yield corporate and plenty of those funds come with favorable costs. In fact, many professional investors have, in recent years, increasingly turned to junk bond ETFs over individual issues as a means of sourcing better liquidity.

7 High-Yield ETFs to Buy Now

Equities have gotten more expensive. Here are seven high-yield ETFs to buy that could keep yield chasers happy.

5 Great Tech ETFs That Aren’t the XLK

When it comes to tech ETFs, the XLK rules the roost. But there are other ETFs in the sector that gives it a run for its money. Here are 5 of the best.

The 7 Best Cheap ETFs for the End of 2019 and Beyond

Not all cheap ETFs are winners, but this bunch contains some gems that investors may want to embrace before the end of 2019.

6 Vanguard ETFs to Build a Better Portfolio

My specialties involve economic and market data and developments and in turn the best individual securities from the stock, bond and other markets to capitalize...

7 Inexpensive, High-Dividend ETFs to Buy

These high dividend ETFs come with income and low fees. Here's what income seeking investors need to know about each ETF.