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ETF Investing

7 Precious Metals ETFs to Consider Now

With 2019 almost here, some analysts think the new year will bring better things for commodities, buoying precious metals ETFs. Read Article

The 7 Best ETFs to Avoid the Tech Bloodbath

Finding the best ETFs to buy when tech stocks are getting killed isn’t easy. Here are seven that should reduce your risk. Read Article

5 Awesome Asia-Pacific ETFs to Consider for 2019

Some Asia ETFs could be credible rebound candidates in 2019, particularly those focusing on the Asia-Pacific region. Read Article

5 Best ETFs for Slow and Steady Growth

Recent volatility increases remind us that the best strategies are slow and steady. Here are the best ETFs to buy for safe, long-term gains. Read Article

7 Biotech ETFs to Consider for 2019

Biotech ETFs lagged in 2018, but that doesn't mean there aren't healthcare funds to consider for 2019. Read Article

5 High-Fee ETFs Worth Paying Up For

Sometimes, higher fees for exchange-traded funds are worth it. When looking for ETFs to buy, investors shouldn't always skip those with higher expense ratios. Read Article

The 10 Best ETFs to Buy in 2019

There are bound to be a slew of factors determining what will be the best ETFs of 2019. Here are 10 to watch. Read Article

7 Micro-Cap ETFs That Punch Above Their Weight

If you’re looking for your portfolio to outperform in the long run, these are the ETFs to buy that will help you achieve your goal. Read Article

Seek Shelter With These 7 REIT and Utilities ETFs

Utilities ETFs and real estate funds are typically inversely correlated to rising Treasury yields. Here's what conservative investors should know. Read Article

5 Low-Fee ETFs That Aren’t All That Great

Investors love cheaper funds, but there are plenty of examples of where low-fee ETFs are not the best options. Read Article

The 7 Best ETFs to Buy for the Holiday Shopping Season

Some of the best ETFs for the holiday shopping season are not traditional retail plays. Here are several ETFs that approach the space differently. Read Article

5 Best-Performing ETFs to Buy for Value Hunters

Some of the best ETFs in October were value funds, indicating value stocks could finally be on the mend, particularly if growth and momentum fare continue struggling. In October, some of the best ETFs were simply less bad. Read Article

7 ETFs for the Investing Opportunities of Tomorrow

A slew of thematic exchange traded funds (ETFs) provide access to the technology themes of tomorrow while helping investors remove the need for stock picking. While some of these funds have decent track records, an increasing number of artificial intelligence ETFs, robotics ETFs, and electric vehicle (EV) ETFs, just to name of few, have come to market this year. Read Article

7 Crude Oil ETFs to Consider on the Dip

Over the near-term, buying oil ETFs will likely require patience with crude careening toward its worst monthly performance in over two years. For adventurous investors, here are some oil ETFs to consider right now. Read Article

7 ETFs to Navigate the Market Crunch

Despite volatility, data suggest investors buy exchange-traded funds, as some ETFs could prove ideally suited for the current environment. Read Article

5 ETFs to Buy to Play the New Economy

The new economy is here with the break-neck pace of innovation. With that, these are five ETFs to buy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Read Article

7 Emerging Markets Funds to Diversify Your Portfolio

Emerging markets funds are getting drubbed, but these ETFs could be rebound plays. Here's what you need to know about each. Read Article

5 Consumer Staples ETFs to Add to Your Shopping Cart

Among consumer ETFs, consumer staples ETFs have lagged, but there are signs of turnaround. FSTA, KXI, ORG, PSL and RHS are ready to profit. Read Article

7 Closed-End Funds to Consider Buying Today

Closed-end funds trade like stocks and provide intraday liquidity, a feature not found on mutual funds. Here are five CEFs to buy. Read Article

7 Best ETFs to Buy Now for Defensive Stocks

We highlight some of the best defensive ETFs to buy in order to protect your portfolio from market weakness. Read Article