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stock picks to buy Perhaps the most difficult part about investing is deciding what to actually invest in. Compiled by our experts and editors, our stock picks will assist any investor in stocks to buy, stocks to sell, or anything in between.

Our stock advice ranges from the largest cap stocks such as Apple and Google to the most promising small cap and penny stocks. Everyone wants to be a successful investor and our investment tips will help put you on track to reaching your financial goals.

Dividend Stocks

Consumer Giants Top 18 Dividend Stocks Increasing Payouts

Many of the market’s biggest companies reported earnings last week, and 18 dividend stocks, including JNJ, PG and TRV increased payouts. Read Article

Penny Stocks

Coal Stocks: A Worthwhile Gamble in Penny Stocks (ACI, ANR)

While Arch Coal Inc (ACI) and Alpha Natural Resources, Inc. (ANR) both qualify as penny stocks, they're far less risky than most that deserve the pejorative term. Read Article

Stocks to Buy

The Trend Is Your Friend…If You’re UNH

UnitedHealth Group Inc. (NYSE:UNH) is in a great position to carry its growth for years to come. Read Article

Stocks to Sell

AKS Stock: Take Profits in AK Steel Ahead of Q1 Earnings

Smart investors would do well to lock in profits in AKS stock now and wait for AK Steel to issue its outlook for the next quarter and the rest of the year. Read Article