Thursday Apple Rumors: AAPL Nears $500 as Market Cap Beats MSFT, GOOG Combined

the company's market cap came close to topping the combined value of Microsoft and Google and topped that of Exxon Mobil

By Anthony John Agnello, Consumer and Technology Writer

daily apple rumors AAPLHere are your Apple rumors and AAPL news items for today.

Apple Valued above Exxon Mobil: Apple stock came close to breaking an all-time record on Thursday morning, with shares trading at nearly $497 as of this writing. The company’s market capitalization crested above $462 billion, placing it above even Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM), the energy company Apple has battled with to become the most valuable company in the world by market cap. Apple’s market cap even crushes the combined value of two of its greatest technology rivals, namely Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) whose market cap sat around $257 billion by mid-morning Thursday, and Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), valued at nearly $199 billion at the same time. The Cupertino, California company reported its best ever quarter on Jan. 24, with total revenue of more than $46 billion earned over the holiday period.

Amazon Targets Apple With New Kindle Commercials: Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) has joined Samsung (PINK:SSNFL) in making its commercials as much about Apple’s devices as its own. The online retailer has started rolled out a new commercial touting the fact that people can choose from three separate Kindles—including the basic, advertising-supported Kindle e-reader, at $79, and two Kindle Fire tablets, priced at $199 a piece—for less than the cost of a single iPad, which is priced at $499. The boast certainly suggests Amazon is confident that its tablet will maintain the brisk sales it enjoyed during the holidays, but the company is cautious about the upcoming release of Apple’s iPad 3. A Jan. 20 report suggested that Amazon is going to cut production of the Kindle Fire by 3 million tablets over the first quarter as Apple prepares the release of its latest iPad.

Steve Jobs’ FBI File Says Former CEO Was Deceptive, Candidate for Bush 1 White House Staff: A Friday report poste by Gawker detailed the contents of the late Steve Jobs’ 191-page FBI file. A background investigation on the former Apple CEO conducted in 1991 painted a rather unsavory portrait of the lauded technologist, describing him as “a deceptive individual who is not completely forthright and honest” and whose “moral character is questionable.” Jobs was under consideration for a position to President George H.W. Bush’s Export council during his 1989-93 term.

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