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Options for Selling that ‘Old’ iPad 2

Apple’s Reuse and Recycling program can help you offset the cost of that new iPad


Do you own an Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPad or iPad 2, and are you debating whether or not to upgrade to the new retina-screen-display iPad? Maybe trade-in offers from Apple and other retailers will help you decide.

Apple doesn’t mention on its homepage, notes Mashable writer Lance Ulanoff, that it will give customers who turn in their first- and second-generation iPads credit toward the new iPad. The mechanism for this is the company’s Reuse and Recycling Program, a service familiar to many longtime fans of Apple products. The program’s homepage includes a note from Apple inviting you to send in your old iPhone, iPad, or Macs for reuse or recycling. (With the new iPad fueling demand for the iPad 2, Apple included it in the program on Wednesday.)

Frankly, with the third-generation iPad sold out in preorders within a week of its March 16 release, and retailers salivating over expected sales volume, Apple might not have felt not much urgency in touting a resale-and-credit offer. But the program is nonetheless a helpful resource.

There’s a link on the Reuse and Recycling homepage to a questionnaire that allows customers to describe the physical and operating condition of their device to determine its trade-in value. One example: a 64 gigabyte first-generation iPad in mint condition, with Wi-Fi and 3G compatibility, is estimated by PowerON, a Roseville, Calif., company Apples uses to recycle and buy back its products, to net a $170 gift card for use at an Apple retail or online store.

A flawless used 64GB WiFi-only black iPad 2 would yield a gift card worth an estimated $275, while a 32 GB Pad 2 has a trade-in value of $245. However, an original iPad with wear and tear beyond what is considered normal will get you $35. In that case, you might consider passing it along to your kid, or PowerON can recycle it and any other Apple product you send in. Shipping is free (the Reuse and Recycling program is available only to U.S. customers).

There are other resellers, such as Gazelle and NextWorth, that pay for used first-generation iPads and iPad 2s. On Thursday, Gazelle was offering $205 for a 64GB iPad in good condition and $220 for one considered flawless, while NextWorth will pay at least $175 for an iPad in good condition and $184.25 for one “like new” (NextWorth’s price is for a machine without the original box). Meanwhile, a flawless 32 GB WiFi-only iPad 2 in good condition would have fetched $300 from Gazelle, and at least $262.50 from NextWorth.

Gazelle and NextWorth also offer payment options. In addition to paying you by check or via PayPal, Gazelle will increase your payment by 5% if you accept it on an Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) gift card; NextWorth can put your payment on a Target (NYSE:TGT) gift card.

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