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7 More Big-Yield Dividend Stocks to Buy for Under $10 a Share

Again, they come with risks, but the yields are sensational

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I recently compiled a list of big-yield dividend stocks under $10, and it drew a lot of reader interest. The picks were hardly sure-things, since the nature of cheap investments with big dividends typically means these are companies that have been beaten down from previous highs or have questions about the sustainability of their payouts. But folks seemed to really like the general idea.

So I’ve gone back to the drawing board to find another seven big-yield small-caps that trade for under $10 a share. Again, these all have some risks (after all, what stocks don’t?) and I encourage you to do your own homework. Also, some are very small in size and thinly traded, requiring careful trading using limit orders to protect yourself.

But if you’re looking for ideas, I have seven more cheap, big-yield stocks for you to consider:

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