Whole Foods Begins Selling Chicken-Less Eggs Made From Plants

beyondeggsWhole Foods (NASDAQ:WFM) has begun to sell chicken-less eggs, using a plant-based egg substitute made from ground-up peas, sorghum, and “a few other ingredients.”

Backed by Bill Gates and Paypal’s Peter Thiel as investors, Hampton Creek Foods’s Beyond Eggs replace eggs in everything from cakes to mayonnaise without any chickens involved in the actual “egg” creation process.

Beyond Eggs is available in stores in California but are soon set to be available at stores worldwide.

Hampton Creek Foods founder Jack Tetrick says the process of wasn’t easy to start.

“Our first attempts weren’t great, we tried to make a muffin using a mix of plants,” Tetrick told the Daily Mail. “Ours tasted really gummy, and didn’t have the ‘bounce’ we wanted. Our mayonnaise would not hold the oil and egg together, so had what looked like liquid syrup. Scrambled eggs were even worse – they just wouldn’t congeal at all, and had a really bad aftertaste.”

The company also has an eggless mayonnaise and salad dressing that makes use of its plant-based egg substitute.

Investors see the idea as a way to help with global demand as it continues to rise.

While in 2000, global demand for eggs was about 14 million tons, according to the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization, it is forecasted to be about 38 million tons by 2030.

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