Thursday Apple Rumors: iPhone 5c Production Slashed by 50%

daily apple rumors AAPLHere are your Apple rumors and AAPL news items for today:

Reduced: A Chinese website says that Apple (AAPL) is sharply cutting the manufacturing of one of its new iPhones, MacRumors notes. According to the report, Apple has trimmed daily production for the iPhone 5c by half, from 300,000 units to 150,000 units. The iPhone 5c was launched last month alongside the company’s pricier flagship iPhone 5s. The less expensive iPhone features the same internal components as last year’s iPhone 5, which it replaces, but comes in a plastic case available in five colors. Apple indicated that it sold 9 million iPhones during the handsets’ launch weekend, but reports suggest that the iPhone 5s greatly outsold the iPhone 5c, despite its higher price. While the iPhone 5s quickly exhausted its launch stock and remains hard to find in some markets, the inventory of iPhone 5c’s appears to be more than adequate to meet demand. The new report notes that Apple’s production cutback comes as the price of the iPhone 5c on the Chinses gray market — which includes phones illegally smuggled into China — has fallen 30% below the phone’s retail price.

Coincidence?: It looks like Apple plans to rain on a competitor’s parade later this month, AllThingsD notes. Rumors emerged this week that the Apple will unveil its latest iPads at a media event on Oct. 22. That just happens to be the day that Microsoft (MSFT) begins shipping its updated Surface 2 tablet in the U.S. It is also the day that the Surface 2 will be shown off at Nokia‘s (NOK) Innovation Reinvented show in Abu Dhabi. Microsoft announced plans to acquire Nokia’s mobile phone business last month. The Surface 2 has been heavily promoted in TV ads that pit it against the iPad. Its predecessor failed to capture consumer attention and Microsoft took a large writedown on unsold Surface tablets earlier this year.

Issues: A number of iPhone 4S owners are complaining that the installation of iOS 7 on their devices has led to WiFi connectivity problems, AppleInsider notes. Numerous posts on Apple’s support forums say that after iOS 7 was installed, the phones’ WiFi option in the settings menu disappeared or grayed-out, cutting off the WiFi connection. Some users have said that the problem can be temporarily fixed by cooling their devices, which may point to an issue with overheating. Some users say that Apple replaced their devices for free when notified of the problem, but others indicated that the company demanded a $199 fee to replace their device. Similar problems with older devices were experienced during the debut of iOS 6.

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