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5 Biggest Sochi Olympics Fails: Twin Toilets, Gross Hotels and More

Many have gone to social media to share these Sochi problems

By Karl Utermohlen, InvestorPlace Writer

Sochi Olympics appears to be synonymous with controversy these days with many complaining about host country Russia — and #Sochifails and #Sochiproblems even trending on Twitter.

Sochi OlympicsFrom dirty hotels to possible cell phone hacking, there are many things you should worry about if you’re planning on checking Sochi out this winter. Airlines have even warned travelers of possible toothpaste tube bombs in airplanes ahead of the Olympics.

Check out the 5 biggest Sochi problems so far from the Winter Olympics:

Biggest Sochi Olympics Fails: Twin Toilets

Many went to Twitter (TWTR) a couple of weeks ago to express their displeasure with the Sochi Olympics’ ‘twin toilets.’

A picture of two toilets without any partition between them made its way through the Internet and thousands shared it through social media. While some saw the scene as purely ridiculous, others connected the move to Russia’s recent crackdown on gay rights.

We’ll never know why this exists.

Biggest Sochi Olympics Fails: Stray Dogs

Animal enthusiasts are outraged over the Russian government’s decision to poison hundreds of stray dogs in Sochi.

The city’s dog culling program is highly controversial despite the fact that stray dogs in the streets of Sochi could be dangerous. Nevertheless, people like Tatiana Zarutsjaya — who has brought 17 stray puppies to her home — believe that the city should find a more humane way to deal with this situation.

How do you think the city should deal with the stray dogs during the Sochi Olympics?

Biggest Sochi Olympics Fails: Gross Hotels

It looks like some of the hotel rooms in the Sochi Olympics aren’t exactly up to par.

Many have posted pictures of their hotel rooms on Twitter and they look like screenshots from a horror movie. Some hotels are still under construction and have dirty water, no floors, no shower curtains, broken elevators and more.

Make sure you choose wisely when renting a hotel room in Sochi.

Biggest Sochi Olympics Fails: Gay Rights

Sochi Olympics
Source: Flickr

Homosexuality is a touchy subject in Russia, but it looks like the country’s homophobia is finally being addressed … perhaps.

Two days before the Sochi Winter Olympics began, activists from 20 cities demanded that Olympic sponsors condemn a Russian anti-gay law. They are protesting against a law that bands any display or mention of homosexuality in public.

Unless the Russian government changes the country’s laws on homosexuality, gay rights activists will probably play an important role in the Sochi Olympics.

Biggest Sochi Olympics Fails: Cell Phone Hacking

Sochi Olympics
Source: Flickr

Be careful about what you say or do with your smartphone as Russian spies and mobsters may be monitoring your activity.

Russia has a law that allows intelligence agents to hack into anyone’s smartphone or personal computer, regardless of nationality. On top of that, Russian organized crime groups have been known to hack into people’s smartphones and blackmail them with the threat of using or manipulating their personal information.

Make sure you keep your texting to a minimum if you’re in Russia this month.

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