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3 Businesses That Millennials Are Destroying

These industries have failed to lure in the growing millennial population

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There’s a lot to be said watching demographic shifts as you craft your investing strategy.

millennialsFor instance, my favorite long-term megatrend is the greying of America as the Baby Boomers get older and need more medical care. Also, the demographic pressures on Japan as the nation sees its elderly population grossly outnumber its labor force has created serious challenges — as evidenced by the fact that adult diapers will soon outsell baby diapers in Japan.

But it’s not all about the world growing older. The Millennial generation in America — that is, those born between the mid-1980s and early 2000’s — are having a big impact on the nation’s economy.

And it’s not all for the better.

There are three specific businesses that millenials are shunning, causing a lot of pain for stocks in these industries.

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